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FY 2014-15 Budget Instructions

The process of developing a comprehensive state budget involves the participation of numerous parties and stakeholders over several months. The budget process begins in even-numbered years, with MMB issuing Biennial Budget Instructions to state agencies in early summer.
The instructions provide guidance to state agencies in submitting requests for funding. Each state agency prepares and submits a budget, which includes a Base Budget Plan, representing planned spending at current appropriation levels. The budget submission may also contain Change Requests, covering proposed increases, new one-time expenditures - or internal reallocations and budget reductions. By law, agencies' budgets must be submitted to MMB by October 15th.
FY 2014-15 Budget Process Timeline:
Basic Instructions (Issued June - August):
Part A instructions - Preparing background materials
Part B Instructions - Preparing fiscal data in the budget system
Part C instructions - Budget Guidance, Agency Requests
Part D Instructions - Departmental Earnings and Internal Service Funds

Training Materials
Reference Materials & Documents
Narrative Templates (right click, save as):
Other Templates:

Special Instructions
If you are experiencing problems copying and pasting data budget narrative templates, it is likely due to the macro security not being enabled in Word. Follow these instructions to enable the macro security and ensure full functionality of the template.
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