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My Leave Benefits


Leave to Attend Military Ceremonies (PERSL#1399)

Family Member Killed or Injured (PERSL#1399)

Different Types of Leave

General Leave Information

Minnesota Statute 43A.183 provides certain benefits to State of Minnesota employees who are called to active military service.

Your Status

You will be placed on a Leave of Absence.


While on Leave of Absence, you will continue to accrue state and class seniority.


If a reservist employed by the State of Minnesota is activated by order of the federal government, that person is required to notify the state, orally or in writing. Valid orders can come in many forms, including written or oral orders issued by a military authority, and therefore the state must accept oral notification that an employee has been activated. The state does not have a right of refusal for military leave of absence, except in extreme cases. Also, employees aren't responsible for finding a replacement, or altering the work schedule - that's the state's responsibility.

Other items to note:

•Automatic pay increases are granted on the same time schedule regardless of military leave status.

•If you are not serving a probationary period, your state and class seniority, as well as eligibility for vacation and sick time accruals, continue to increase regardless of the type of military leave granted. You will suffer no penalties in these areas because of military leaves.

•If you are serving a probationary period and are going to be out on a military leave longer than 10 days, your agency can extend your probationary period to account for the time away from work. However, once you pass the probationary period, your agency will retroactively adjust for delayed pay increases to account for any losses due to your time on military leave status.

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