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Spend Plan Certification Reports

FY2020 Spend Plan Certification form (word) To run the Spend Plan Reports for certification you need the following:
  • Microsoft Access 2007 or greater
  • Oracle 11g (Contact your agency MN.IT support staff to have the Oracle 11g client installed.  The MMB  Oracle package automatically installs the ODBC connections for IA and EPM. Instructions can be found here: Oracle Software Installation
  • Data Warehouse/SWIFT roles
    • M_FS_KK_INQUIRY and M_FS_GL_INQUIRY (Swift Access Roles Required to view Budget/GL Data)
    • M_EPM_HCM_LOOKUP and M_EPM_PYRL_FUNDNG_SALARY_FTE (Security required to view Salary Projection Data)
  • For more information on Data Warehouse/SWIFT security
In addition, the reports and certification form need to be uploaded to your agency’s Spend Plan folder for FY2020 on the MMB Budget Division SharePoint site. If access is needed to the Budget Division SharePoint site, please complete an authorization formSharePoint reference guides are also available on the MMB website. Access Database Download for Spend Plan Certification Reports (link to database)

1) Program Structure Report - This report displays SWIFT's programmatic structure. Appropriations are listed by program and budget activity. Please confirm the structure is accurate. If you have changes, please contact your EBO. Effective dates for AppropID, Program, and Activity are provided to identify changes (or new set-up) that may have occurred.

2) Appropriation Overview - This report summarizes appropriation and allotted amount totals by fund for an agency.

3) Appropriation Detail - This report identifies additional appropriation attributes and amount categories not included on the Overview Report. (i.e., LLBC code, Budget Program, Budget Activity, Budget Status, Second Legal Cite, FinDeptID, Ded Rec Cap (Y/N), Fund Bal Class Code, Direct Appropriated Dedicated Revenue Code,  Payroll vs Non Payroll allotted and expended amounts). The report also has Fund Totals.

4) Revenue Budgets - This report shows dedicated and non-dedicated revenue budgets by program, fund, appropriation and account for the new fiscal year as well as two previous fiscal years. A difference column compares Budgeted to Actual.

5) Compensation Analysis - This report compares compensation budgets in SWIFT to the current salary projections in SEMA4. (Report is grouped by Program, Activity, Fund, Appropriation) If there are large variances between SWIFT budgets and SEMA4 projections, an agency must be prepared to explain differences.

6) Negative Approps - Report that identifies appropriations that are in a deficit cash balance by BFY, Fund, and for all years prior to and including selected year. These appropriations must be corrected so they are not in deficit.

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