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Adjustments MN PS340S

Learn how to use SEMA4 to process payroll adjustments.
Learning Objectives:
  • View payroll history
  • Adjust previously reported hours, amounts, and earning codes
  • Identify when to request an off-cycle paycheck
  • Process an individual retroactive adjustment caused by a change in pay rate
  • Review the results of a mass retroactive adjustment, verify, and change the retroactive pay amount for the flagged records
  • Correct accounting errors for previous pay periods
Employees who perform tasks such as entering and adjusting current employee time and leave, entering and making inquiries regarding adjustments such as overpayments, rate errors, and missed or incorrect hours from prior pay periods.
Delivery Method:
Self-study topics with hands-on activities using the training database.
Three and one-half (3.5) hours
To take this course:
1. Complete the online course registration, using course number MN-PS340S.
2. You will receive an Email explaining how to access the training database.
3. Download the Learning Guide Word format
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