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Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to how Minnesota residents feel and what they think when they use government services. These services can include things like buying a fishing license or signing up for healthcare. Many people find it confusing and complicated to navigate the different government services available. We aim to create a positive customer experience by making interactions easier, reducing complications, and improving outcomes for residents. Investing in customer experience also helps the government work more efficiently and saves money by creating user-friendly digital platforms and improving processes.

When we focus on the customer experience, we put the needs of Minnesota residents at the center. This includes paying attention to the experiences and knowledge of people who have been historically marginalized or vulnerable. By doing this, the State can improve residents' satisfaction and build trust in the government.

Improving the customer experience could lead to changes that allow residents to interact with the government in ways that are convenient for them. By paying attention to the customer experience, we can also promote equity by encouraging better engagement with residents and designing the system to meet the needs of all residents, including those who currently face challenges in accessing government services effectively.

Goal: The State of Minnesota provides a high-quality customer experience.

Measurable goal for 2027: Increase the number of new or improved digital self-service offerings across the Enterprise to 40 offerings by 2027.

A chart for this goal will be added as data are collected. 

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