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Evidence-based behavioral health and parenting skill services: A county perspective

There is strong interest in funding behavioral health and parent support services that are proven to improve outcomes for children and families. Minnesota Management and Budget identified 83 evidence-based services that have been shown to produce favorable impacts on outcomes related to mental health, substance abuse, parenting, or child well-being, especially for families at risk of child protection involvement. We surveyed providers, counties, and schools across the state to understand the landscape of evidence-based services that are currently offered in Minnesota. Responses are featured in the data visualization below. Please contact us at to provide feedback or ask a question.

County respondents indicated whether a service is provided in-house by the county, contracted to another provider, or a general referral. Provider respondents indicated the services they offer directly to clients. You can filter the map and table to see whether services are currently covered by Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP), i.e., Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. Additionally, if you hover over the MHCP coverage, you can see whether the service is currently under review for new federal funding as a result of the federal Family First Prevention Services Act.

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