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Projects to Invest in Minnesota Communities

Earlier this year, local governments submitted more than 200 requests for investment in their communities, totaling more than $1.3 billion, for consideration during the 2020 Legislative session. We want your input! Use the form below to comment on local government investment projects up for consideration in the 2020 capital budget bill. Let us know what projects you support and why. Governor Walz will review this information with Minnesota Management and Budget staff as they develop his capital budget proposal which will be submitted to the Legislature in January 2020. The public comment period will be open through Nov. 30. For short descriptions of the projects listed in alphabetical order, visit the project description page.


Is my information private?

Generally, the information you submit through this public comment form is considered public data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13. This means that if someone, including the news media, requests this information we are obligated to provide it to them under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. At the end of the comment period (Nov. 30) we will publish a report online containing comments with names. We will not publish email addresses in our report. 

Will you review, edit, or delete my comment and/or information?

All information you provide is subject to review. We retain the discretion to decide whether or not to include particular comments in our report. We will remove from our report any comments that contain vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind, or that disparage any individual or any protected group. We also will not include comments that are: (i) spam or include links to other sites; (ii) off topic; (iii) advocate illegal activity; (iv) promote services, products, or political organizations; (v) contain non-public information; or (vi) infringe on copyrights or trademarks.

What information do I need to provide? 

To submit a comment, provide your ZIP Code, name, and a valid email address. Please do not include personal information (such as your email address or phone number) in the text of your comment.

How will you use my information?

At the end of the comment period (Nov. 30) we will publish a report containing comments with names. We will not publish email addresses. We may use your email address for notification purposes or to respond to you. 

Contacting your state legislators

You may also wish to share your support for specific projects with your legislators. You can find your state legislator information on the Minnesota Legislature website.

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