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The PEIP Advantage Plan

PEIP is excited to announce a new benefit option available to public employers throughout the state of MN. The new PEIP Advantage Plan has been available for enrollment since 1/1/07. The PEIP Advantage Plan is based on the very successful Minnesota Advantage Plan, a cost tiered health benefits plan serving 120,000 state employees and their dependents. The Minnesota Advantage plan has saved the State and its employees millions of dollars, while creating new levels of competition and incentives for efficiency in the health care market. PEIP's comprehensive insurance package consists of three components: health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance. 

A unique feature of PEIP is employee choice of health plans. Traditionally PEIP has offered a wide variety of Managed care plans along with Major medical (deductible) plans. Since 2007 we are quoting the PEIP Advantage plan exclusively for all new employer groups Participating plans available to the employee may include HealthPartners and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. 

In addition to its employee choice feature, PEIP offers employers a choice of three health plan design options. Plan design flexibility provides an important economic advantage to public employers. 

Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota provides PEIP's dental coverage. The program offers two dental benefit levels: preventive dental and comprehensive dental. Employers may choose the option best suited to their needs, or choose PEIP coverage without dental insurance. 

Minnesota Life provides PEIP's life insurance component. Basic life insurance, additional life insurance and dependent life insurance are available through the program. Employers may also choose PEIP coverage without life insurance. 

PEIP coverage is marketed through Innovo Benefits, the program's marketing /administration company. 

Employers interested in receiving a proposal for PEIP coverage may contact Innovo by:

Phone / 952-746-3101 or 800-829-5601 

E-mail /

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