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08 28 2013

New View: PS-X-S-W-AR-RPTG - AR Reporting view

The PS-X-S-W-AR-RPTG view provides a view that combines detail Accounting data from Billing, CA Accounting Line PC and Accounts Receivable . The view provides data that has been distributed to GL and allows you a view of the data required for the AR Certification. Business Unit level security has been applied to the view. Users with the security role M-FS-AR-INQUIRY-REC/BLLG have access to the view.

The view includes columns that can be categorized into 4 general categories
  1. Key Columns - that allow you to get back to the detail record that makes up the original entry. This includes Customer Id, Item, Item Line, Item Entry Type, Item Activity Entry Type, etc.
  2. Reporting Columns - AR Accounting Entry that affects the Revenue, Expense or Liability Account - reporting Amount (uses the W-AR-AMOUNT) and Reporting Chartfields (fields are prefixed with RPT, i.e. RPT-ACCOUNT, RPT-FUND-CODE etc.)used on the AR Certification Report
  3. AR Columns - AR Accounting Entry that affects the AR Account (i.e.120001 AR SWIFT) - AR Amount (W-AR-AMOUNT) and AR Chartfields (fields are prefixed with AR, i.e. AR-ACCOUNT, AR-FUND-CODE, etc.)
  4. AR Offset Columns - AR Accounting Entry that affects the AR Offset Accounts (i.e. 100001 Cash) - AR Offset Amount (W-ARX-AMOUNT) and AR Offset Chartfields (fields are prefixed with ARX, i.e. ARX-ACCOUNT, ARX-FUND-CODE, etc.)

New Crystal Report

rptARRptg-85.rpt - AR Detail for Certification Report (Crystal Version 8.5) rptARRptg-11.rpt - AR Detail for Certification Report (Crystal Version 11)

The AR Detail for Certification Report selects AR data required for your AR Certification. It allows you to select data based on

  • Business Unit range (BU-SRC-ID)
  • Fiscal Year (AR-JH-FISCAL-YEAR - Fiscal Year from the AR Journal Header) and
  • GL Posted Date Range (AR-JH-POSTED-DATE - GL Posted Date from the AR Journal Header)

The report has been written to easily export the data to Excel. The Report Layout provides the columns required for the AR Certification report with Business Unit, required Chartfields (Fund, Account, Sub Account, Appropriation Id and Dept Id) and Amount columns for Billings, Payments, Write Offs, Close Activity and Intra Inter Agcy. The report provides totals by Business Unit as well as an Agency Total.

Column Name

Crystal Report


Business Unit From and To


Bus Unit Name


Close Activity Column where W-CLOSE-ACTV-IND = 'Y'


Intra Inter Agcy Column where W-INTRA-AGCY-IND = 'Y'


Customer Id gets evaluated in ETL and W-INTRA-AGCY-IND set to 'Y' if CUST-ID like '%0100001%'


Entry Type is evaluated for Columns -
Billing (IN, CR, OC),
Payments (PY, MT, DED, RC),
Write Offs (WOD, WOC)and
where W-CLOSE-ACTV-IND = 'N' for all of the above named columns


GL Posted Date From and To


Fiscal Year


Amount used for all Amount columns




Account Desc


Dept Id




Sub Account


Approp Id

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Fiscal Year - AR-JH-FISCAL-YEAR - The Fiscal Year used on the report comes from the AR Journal header. The Journal Date drives what Fiscal Year a Journal Entry belongs to, this is regardless of when it has been posted.
  • GL Posted Date - AR-JH-POSTED-DATE - The GL Posted Date used on the report comes from the AR Journal header. The GL Posted Date provides a cutoff criteria. - To run this report for year end you should run it all the way to the day after the hard close date (this ensures the last batch for the year is included, for 2013 choose 6/1/2012 through 8/17/2013). The Close Activity Amount Column evaluates the Close Activity Indicator (W-CLOSE-ACTV-IND) a field that gets populated with 'Y' when the GL Posted Date Fiscal Year is after the Journal Fiscal Year. (for 2013 choose 6/1/2012 through 8/17/2013)

If you have any questions regarding these SWIFT Data Warehouse views, please contact the SWIFT Help Desk by phone at 651-201-8100, option 4.

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