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SEMA4 Overview Self Study

Learn the capabilities of SEMA4 and an overview of function keys and navigation, as well as how to use SEMA4 Help and obtain reports.
Basic PC and web browser skills.
Learning Objectives:
  • Sign in to SEMA4 and sign out
  • Identify the main functions of SEMA4
  • Access SEMA4 folders, components and pages
  • Use the Menu, Navigation page, keyboard and toolbars to navigate
  • View an employee record and paycheck information
  • Find current, historical, and future effective-dated information
  • Use SEMA4 Help to get assistance in using the system
  • Obtain standard reports
  • View the Payroll Biweekly Processing Schedule
Delivery Method:
Self-study topics with hands-on activities using the training database.
Required for employees who will use SEMA4. This course is a prerequisite for most subsequent SEMA4 training courses.
Five (5) hours
To take this course:
1. Complete the online course registration, using course number MN-PS100S.
2. You will receive an Email explaining how to access the training database.
3. Download the Learning Guide Word format
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