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07 12 2013

New Views

  • PS-X-S-W-LEDGER-SS - Ledger snapshot view
  • PS-X-S-W-LDGRKK-SS - KK Ledger snapshot view

The PS-X-S-W-LEDGER-SS and PS-X-S-W-LDGRKK-SS views provide snapshots of the FMS PS-LEDGER and PS-LEDGER-KK tables. Both views will contain current snapshots along with month end and fiscal year close copies of the FMS tables.

The individual snapshots are referenced by W-RPTG-MO-NBR and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD. W-RPTG-MO-NBR is a numeric field that references the calendar year and month (YYYYMM). W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD is a single character field that indicates the snapshot type ('M'= monthly / 'C' = close). The current snapshot is updated daily and has W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'. When the end of the month is reached the current snapshot for that month is no longer updated and is the snapshot for that month end.

To select the current snapshot set W-RPTG-MO-NBR = (current calendar year and month) and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'.

To select records for the month end May 2013, set W-RPTG-MO-NBR =201305 and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'.

To select records for the 2012 fiscal year close set W-RPTG-MO-NBR =201208 and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'C'

PS-X-S-W-LEDGER-SS also contains the field W-JRNL-DTTM-STAMP which is the maximum PS-JRNL-HEADER.DTTM-STAMP-SEC value at the time the data is extracted from FMS and loaded into SDW. By selecting JRNL-HEADER records where JRNL-HEADER.DTTM-STAMP-SEC is less than or equal to the X-S-W-LEDGER-SS. W-JRNL-DTTM-STAMP users can reconcile JRNL-HEADER data to LEDGER.

If you have any questions regarding these SWIFT Data Warehouse views, please contact the SWIFT Help Desk by phone at 651-201-8100, option 2.

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