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Evidence-Based Practices Survey

Updated: July 2021

The State of Minnesota is seeking to identify the extent to which evidence-based practices are implemented by its grantees across a number of service areas. 

Please complete the survey in the email titled "Evidence-Based Services Survey" that you will have received. The survey will ask you which (if any) of a number of evidence-based services your organization delivers. If you do not happen to offer any of these specific services, the survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. If you do, on average it takes 3-5 minutes per evidence-based service. 

For any services that your organization does offer, we will ask for some additional information that will enable us to map our state's capacity to deliver these services. Please note that we will only be requesting information for programs and services funded through state grants from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  

Participation in this survey is voluntary. The information that you provide will be used to help state and local policymakers as they consider ways to ensure that organizations like yours have the capacity to fund and deliver services that improve lives. There is no consequence to you if you decide not to participate in the survey, but we will not have the benefit of your input. Responses to this survey are classified as public data, which means that our organization will be required to share the information if it is requested.

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