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Vacation Donation Recipients

Recipient Agency
Annita Meyer Department of Employment & Economic Development
Betty Schwarzkopf St. Cloud State University
Brian Park Board of Pharmacy
Gale (Barbara) Rohde Department of Public Safety
Calvin (Vernon) Mathews Department of Health
Charlene Morgan Department of Employment & Economic Development
Cindy Donlon Teachers Retirement Association
Darcy Dungan-Seaver Department of Health
Denise McLain Department of Human Services
Elizabeth (Sherri) Lessinger Department of Human Services
Irene Hill Department of Human Services
Jelaine Johnson Department of Human Services
Jennifer Twiest Department of Natural Resources
Kathy King Department of Revenue
Lisa Brecht Trial Courts - Judicial District 10
Michael Fisette MN.IT Services
Michelle Lane Department of Transportation
Mona Dagestad Department of Revenue
Rolf Hagen Office of Administrative Hearings
Sara Gritzner Minnesota Management & Budget
Sonya Johnson Office of the Legislative Auditor
Suzannah Armentrout MN State - Mankato State University
Timothy Gilder Department of Transportation
Todd Case Department of Corrections
Tracy Jarvinen Department of Revenue
Tracy Rosin Trial Courts - Judicial District 1
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