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Vacation donation recipients

Recipient Agency
Bob Thaler Department of Transportation
Carol Morgan Department of Administration
Cassandra Schmidtbauer Minnesota Correctional Facilities
Chris Bauman Minnesota State Patrol
David Pixley Minnesota State
Diane Drew Department of Military Affairs
Eric Trudell Department of Corrections
Hollie Parsons Minnesota Department of Transportation
Denise Bickford Minnesota State
Janeen Danielson Department of Human Services
Janet Haak Brandau Minnesota State
Jeff Long Department of Transportation
Jonathan Xiong Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Julie Anderson Minnesota State
Julie Blanchard Department of Human Services
Kyle Goosmann Department of Transportation
Melissa Felland Minnesota State
Mitchell Aarsvold Department of Transportation
Patricia Todd Department of Human Services
Rita Kirchner Department of Public Safety
Ruth Ann Rekow Office of Attorney General
Shannon Mohn Minnesota State
Sherrie Balfanz Department of Corrections
Todd Taylor Department of Veterans Affairs
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