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General Instructions for Requesting Table Changes

Tables are a key part of SEMA4. Some of the major processes driven by tables are:

  • Security
  • Time Entry
  • Reports
  • Labor Distribution

The impact of having incorrect table information is great. Therefore, your agency must designate a person(s) who has a good understanding of their agency's organizational structure, as it exists in SEMA4, to request and approve changes -- this person(s) will be known as the Agency Table Administrator(s).

Agencies specify how they want their control table information setup by using the forms and following the instructions provided below. Minnesota Management & Budget will process all changes.

Requests received from agencies will be processed by MMB only when they have been approved by their Agency Table Administrator(s).

1.    The following fields must always be completed:

  • Agency Name and Agency Code
  • Action
  • Table Identification Number (e.g., Location Code, Department ID, etc.)
  • Effective Date
  • Name of person completing the form (if other than Table Administrator)
  • Phone number of person completing the form
  • Table Administrators signature

2.   Depending on the requested action, the following fields must also be completed: 

  • New -- entire form must be completed

  • Change -- complete only the fields below the effective date field that are changing

  • Inactive* -- no additional fields below the effective date field required

  • Items to recognize and consider before inactivating tables: 

Only History job and position records reference the inactive table. (History records are those that are effective dated prior to the date the table was inactivated).
Inactive departments will remain indefinitely on the Department Security Tree. 

Complete a Table Administrator approval form to designate your agency Table Administrator(s). If your agency Table Administrator changes, complete and submit a revised form.  
If you use the PDF or Word version of a form, email it to Minnesota Management & Budget
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