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SWIFT Update September 14, 2023 

Finance Accounting Supervisor – SWIFT Module Support

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) is hiring a Finance Accounting Supervisor supporting SWIFT (StateWide Integrated Financial Tools). A $5,000 hiring incentive may be available!

This position supervises the SWIFT Module Support Unit that provides assistance and training to state agencies to optimize their use of the state accounting and procurement tools, SWIFT, and supports effective financial management for their programs. This position also provides accounting and administrative support services to small agencies, controls appropriation entry, coordinates the annual fiscal year end process, and provides functional analysis, design and testing of system changes to SWIFT.

This position will have the flexibility to telecommute, work a hybrid schedule, or work in the office. The incumbent may be expected to work in the office on occasion.

Working for the State of Minnesota means a great work-life balance, affordable benefits, and many great opportunities for advancement in 100 State agencies. The Job ID is #67426.

The EPM Data Warehouse Hot Topic

Q. Is it OK to explore the data in reports, dashboards, and subject areas in the EPM Data Warehouse? Can I accidentally overwrite anything?

A. Yes, feel free to explore in the EPM Data Warehouse. Security is in place to prevent you from inadvertently changing data or overwriting statewide shared reports and dashboards. Exceptions include agency staff who have permissions to save shared agency reports, and reports found in the Agency Report Exchange. Please save customized or revised reports in My Folders. In the statewide shared folders and subject areas, you cannot hurt the data and can expect some trial-and-error when locating needed information. If you customize an existing report and don’t get the expected results, adjust the report criteria, and try again.

Two New Opportunities for EPM Data Warehouse Users

Additional Session Added! SWIFT EPM Formatting Your Report

Due to overwhelming response, we have added an additional session of the SWIFT EPM Formatting your Report lab.

Join us for an informal lab to learn about formatting a saved report in the EPM Data Warehouse. This lab is for agency staff with EPM Data Warehouse and SWIFT permissions and roles. Work alongside the instructor as we explore various ways to format and customize the display of your reports. You will learn how to format headers and values, rearrange columns, add formulas, actions, views and other objects, and customize with color. Please have a saved report to access in My Folders. Sign up for this lab in Learning Management.

Open Labs

Agency Administrators of the EPM Data Warehouse - We need topic ideas from you!

Are you an experienced user of the standard SWIFT reports found in the EPM Data Warehouse? Want to further customize your reports to meet your unique business needs but are unsure how to approach it? Join the SWIFT training team for open labs intended to foster collaboration and problem solving. Beef up your reporting skills while helping others enhance theirs. The shared goal is to access the SWIFT information you require to solve real state data needs. 

Labs will run approximately 90 minutes and will cover 1 or 2 topics nominated by you. The more topics, the more labs! Email us at Send us your topic, including the parent report/subject area (sorry, SWIFT-related only), the desired outcome, and any issues you’ve encountered.

Prepare for Major Tax Updates

New taxes included in this notice may have significant impact to SWIFT transactions financially and in terms of the number of transactions affected. If possible, try to get the taxable items delivered no later than September 30, 2023. Taxable items delivered on or before September 30, 2023, benefit from the lower tax rate and these purchase orders do not need to be updated. Sales and use tax rates are based on the agency’s Ship To Location listed on the purchase order.

Notice on New Local Tax

The Minnesota Department of Revenue will be administering the following new sales and use taxes effective October 1, 2023:

The sales and use tax rate changes apply to sales made on or after October 1, 2023. They will be in addition to all other taxes in effect. Local sales tax applies to retail sales made and taxable services provided within the local taxing area (county/city limits). The tax applies to the same items that are taxable under the Minnesota sales and use tax law.

Agencies entering purchase orders for the new fiscal year, prior to the October 1, 2023 tax effective date, will have the old rate calculated and will need to update their purchase orders.

Purchase orders entered in SWIFT on or after October 1, 2023, will calculate the new tax rates for each county/city. Existing purchase orders and/or their vouchers will need to be adjusted to pay the correct tax if delivery occurs after various dates. Please note that the dates will be different based on whether goods or construction materials are being delivered. Check the tax notice for the affected city for the correct dates.

For assistance in changing the sales tax on a purchase order, please consult the Update the Sales Tax Settings on an Existing Purchase Order quick reference guide. You can also view the Update Sales Tax on an Existing Purchase Order video.

Impact of New Local Tax

Please see the Minnesota Department of Revenue tax notice for the appropriate city for guidance in handling purchase orders and payments during the transition period.

Impact on Accounts Payable

Vouchers entered in SWIFT on or after the tax effective date will calculate the new tax rates for each county/city if the Invoice Date is on or after the tax effective date. If the Invoice Date is before the tax effective date, SWIFT will exclude the new tax rates. Please review the tax calculation carefully prior to payment on all vouchers with Ship To locations within these jurisdictions.

Impact on Purchase Orders

SWIFT will be updated with the new tax codes for all existing Ship To addresses located in the affected cities. New purchase orders, created on or after October 1, 2023, will calculate the new rate of tax for the ship to addresses within those counties/cities. Existing purchase orders may or may not need to have the tax code updated on the PO if payment can be processed during any allowed grace period(s), again, see the general notice for each county/city. Previously any Ship To addresses in affected cities may have used the tax code of 0000, State Tax only. To calculate the new combined rate, state and local tax rate, the tax code(s) on the purchase order must be updated to the new tax code(s) from the 0000 tax code. Because of the various transition rules, these codes will not be updated by SWIFT and must be updated by the purchase order buyer

SWIFT and EPM Data Warehouse Training

The SWIFT Training team offers training through a variety of methods. There are SWIFT training guides and training videos, EPM training guides, webinars, labs, eLearning, and individual sessions (by request through the SWIFT Help Desk).

Find current SWIFT training in Learning Management. Enter "SWIFT" in the Find Learning text entry box.


Sessions run 9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted.



Introduction to EPM Data Warehouse/SWIFT webinar

10/12/23; 12/5/23


Introduction to SWIFT Navigation webinar

10/17/23; 11/7/23; 12/7/23


Overview of SWIFT Reporting webinar

10/4/23; 11/2/23; 12/7/23; 1/4/24


Introduction to SWIFT eLearning



SWIFT Create Vouchers Overview in Accounts Payable webinar

9/20/23; 11/2/23


SWIFT Accounts Receivable Part A Direct Journal Deposits webinar



SWIFT Accounts Receivable Part B Apply Payments to Invoices webinar



SWIFT Accounts Receivable Part C Maintenance Worksheets webinar



Billing Part 1 webinar

10/25/23; 1/24/24


Billing Part 2 webinar

10/26/23; 1/25/24


Build a My Dashboard for SWIFT Reports in EPM lab



Create a SWIFT All Expenditures Report in EPM lab

10/4/23; 12/13/23


SWIFT EPM Formatting Your Report lab

9/14/23; 12/13/23


SWIFT EPM Create and Save a New Analysis lab

9/28/23; 12/12/23


SWIFT EPM Create and Save the All Receipts Report lab



SWIFT EPM Create and Save the Manager's Financial Report lab

9/20/23; 11/9/23; 1/18/24


Understand the SWIFT Data in the EPM Data Warehouse webinar



Use SWIFT Standard Reports in EPM lab



SWIFT Budget Journal Administration webinar
Time, 9 a.m. - 11:15 am



SWIFT Create Purchase Orders webinar

9/19/23; 11/15/23


SWIFT Create a Supplier Contract Shell webinar
Time, 9 a.m. - 10:am



SWIFT Import and Process Contract Document Electronically webinar
Time, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Strategic Sourcing Part 1: Create, Post, and Approve Events webinar



Strategic Sourcing Part 2: Analyze and Award Events webinar
Time, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.



SWIFT Strategic Sourcing eLearning


SWIFT Help Desk

Contact the SWIFT Help Desk for any SWIFT-related questions or issues.

Phone: 651-201-8100, option 2

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed holidays)

When contacting the SWIFT Help Desk, make sure to include details about your question or issue, including:

  • Your Business Unit
  • Description of the issue/question
  • SWIFT Module (Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, etc.)
  • Transaction ID (Voucher ID, PO ID, etc.)
  • Error message print screen

Additional assistance can be found on the SWIFT Training Guides and Resources page.

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