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Crystal Reports Examples Metadata

VIEW-ELEMENTS, DATA ELEMENT- Lists the warehouse view, elements on the view, indicates if element is a join key, element data type, length, description, source system table name, source system element name (WH-DICT.RPT)

T-WH-DATA-ELEMENT, VIEW-ELEMENTS- This report lists the join keys for each view. (JOINKEYS.RPT)

SEMA4-PAGE-FIELD- SEMA4 Page data report. This report lists the fields on selected SEMA4 Web Page(s) and identifies the SEMA4 source table and SEMA4 source element used for a Page field. (S4PAGE.RPT)

DATA-ELEMENT- Lists each warehouse element including element description, values, length, element type and table(s) or view(s) where the element can be found. (ELMT.RPT)

TABLE-INDEXES- Lists each element that is a part of an index, the index the element is included in, table name the index is on, and the index column sequence number of the element. (ELMTINDX.RPT)

T-WH-ELMT-TBL-VW,SEMA4-PAGE-FIELD- Warehouse data cross reference to SEMA4 Page data report. Shows SEMA4 Web Page(s) where Warehouse View elements may be used. (S4PAGE2WH.RPT)

TABLE-ELEMENTS- This report lists each table name, the elements on the table, the element name, the source table the element is from, and the source system (TABLELMT.RPT)

TABLE-INFORMATION, T-WH-ELMT-TBL-VW, T-WH-DATA-ELEMENT- Lists table name, description, element name, description, Oracle element type, length and business name. (TBLELORA.RPT)

TABLE-INDEXES- Lists table name, each index on the table, the elements in the index, and the element column sequence number. (TABLINDX.RPT)

TABLE-INFORMATION- Lists table name, table description, update frequency, number of rows on the table, last update date, extract procedure and load procedure. (TABLINFO.RPT)

VIEW-ELEMENTS- Lists view name, description, and elements. (VIEW.RPT)
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