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Employee Maintenance MN PS150S

Learn how to use SEMA4 to process appointments and perform employee transactions that require changing employee personal, employment, job, or position information.
Learning Objectives:
  • Process appointments
  • Process pay rate changes
  • Process changes to a position
  • Process leaves
  • Process layoffs
  • Process separations
  • Sequence transactions
  • Change employee personal information
  • Enter additional employee information
  • Find employee maintenance resources
Employees who process appointments and maintain records of current employees.
Delivery Method:
Self-study topics with hands-on activities using the training database.
Twenty (20) hours, if you need to take all topics
To take this course:
This course contains several sections. Topics in each section are listed below. Complete Section A first, then select other sections that you need to do your job. When you register for Employee Maintenance, you only need to register once, not for each section.
1. If you have not already done so, register for the course at SEMA4 HR Training Registration

2. You will receive an Email with instructions for the course.
Accessing Employee Maintenance Resources
Processing Transactions

4. Appointments from Recruiting Solutions are processed in SEMA4 via Manage Hires, rather than via Add a Person or Job Data. To learn this process, visit Manage Hires in the HR Toolbox and study the following topics:
  •   Manage Hires (WebEx recording) OR Mange Hires PowerPoint 
  •   Manage Hires Instructions OR Manage Hires - Quick Start 
  •   I-9 Form and Reports        
5. Continue with the rest of the sections, below.
Viewing Public Data and Processing an Employee Department ID Change
Concurrent Job
Promotion, Demotion, Transfer, Movement
Progression Increase and Increase Based on Performance
Sequencing Transactions
Work Out of Class
Changes to a Filled Position
Unclassified Conversion
Leave of Absence
Return from Leave
Permanent Layoff
Seasonal Layoff
Recall from Layoff
Changing Employee Personal Information
Entering Additional Employee Information
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