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Layoff - with and without employer contribution

When you are laid off you can make certain corresponding changes to all of the insurance benefits you have in place at the time of the layoff. SEGIP will mail a packet to your home that explains your options.

COBRA continuation coverage allows you to continue certain coverages, at your own expense, for a period up to 18 months following your layoff. If you choose to continue your coverages on layoff, you will be billed by SEGIP.

  • If you qualify for an employer contribution towards medical and dental under the terms of your labor agreement or compensation plan, you will be billed for the employee portion of the insurance premiums.
  • If you do not receive an employer contribution you will be billed for the full cost of the insurance premiums.

You may choose to continue your insurance as a retiree if you meet the eligibility requirements. You may also receive some layoff benefits, such as the employer contribution, when you select the retirement option. Contact your agency Human Resources office to find out if you qualify as a retiree and to obtain the needed forms. You must submit your retirement paperwork to SEGIP within 30 days of your layoff date.
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