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04 09 2013

The current default for Subject Area column displays is "suppress" when values in multiple rows repeat. Example:

Sample Report to illustrate suppression.

Users requested to have this default changed to "repeat", since for each adhoc Report they have to go in for each column and set the column properties to repeat for easier use of the data in Excel. We have decided to go ahead and make that change globally.Your reports will continue to run, the only change is that the output will look different. Values will be filled in for all rows.

Sample Report to illustrate repetition

If you want to get back to have values suppressed on your existing reports you need to do the following.

Go to Criteria, the column you want to change back to suppress (in this example Appropriation Cd) and select the Column properties.

Go to the Column Format Tab, Change the Value Suppression back to Suppress.

Column properties tab

Column Properties for Appropriation Cd set to suppress, click OK, and save your report.

Column properties tab

The Appropriation Cd values are now suppressed again for this particular report.

Allotment Balance Within Appropriations to illustrate Suppression

Our approach is to start off with the Subject Areas that have no delivered reports. FMS - AP- Voucher

FMS - AP- Voucher Header

FMS - AP- Voucher Line

FMS - GL - Ledger Balances

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Transaction Log

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Encumbrance

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Detailed Ledger

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Activity Log

FMS - GL - Journal Entries

FMS - GL - Aggregated Balance

HCM- Payroll-Roster Staffing

Then move on to Subject Areas with delivered reports.FMS - ALL- Expenditures

FMS - AP- Account Entries

FMS - AP- Voucher Distribution Line

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Journal

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Budget Balances

FMS - GL - Commitment Control Appropriations

FMS - GL - Aggregated Balance

HCM - Payroll-Labor Distribution

HCM - Payroll-Salary Projections

We plan to have the change completed by April 14.

If you have any questions, please contact the SWIFT Help Desk by phone at 651-201-8100, option 2.

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