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Leave Accounting MN PS350S

Learn how to use SEMA4 to process leave donations and vacation conversions, and to view leave activity and leave balances.
Learning Objectives:
  • Add, cancel, and view leave donations and vacation conversion to deferred compensation
  • View leave activity and balances
  • Enter leave in Mass Time Entry
  • Set up or restore leave balances
  • Use standard reports on leave accounting
Employees who enter and/or make inquiries about severance payments, leave payoffs, vacation conversions, leave donations, and leave balances.
Delivery Method:
Self-study topics with hands-on activities using the training database.
Four (4) hours
To take this course:
1. Complete the online course registration, using course number MN-PS350S.
2. You will receive an Email explaining how to access the training database.
3. Download the Learning Guide Word format
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