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Statutory References Personnel Policy

Affirmative Action Policy/Diversity

Rule 3905 supplement and clarify the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 43A, which generally affect the rights of or processes available to the general public. They also apply to state employees of the executive branch when the employees participate in any process that is available to the general public. Unless otherwise stated, these rules apply to positions in the civil service in the executive branch, the office of the legislative auditor, the Minnesota State Retirement System, the Public Employees Retirement Association, and the Teachers Retirement Association.

The Workforce Diversity staff provides leadership and assistance in developing and implementing equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs.

Responsibilities in the areas of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action include:

  • Consultation, technical support and training for Executive Branch agency staff to help them develop and implement affirmative action programs,
  • Advise the Commissioner on legislative policy initiatives, and report to the the legislature on affirmative action progress, and
  • Approve affirmative action plans and monitor progress for state agencies and the four metropolitan agencies.

For consultation and assistance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action issues email

Ch. 3905 MN Administrative Rule

Ch. 43A

Clarification of 43A.191, Subd. 1. Affirmative Action Officers 5-16-03

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