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LinkedIn Learning


Frequently asked questions

Technical support

  • Visit the LinkedIn Learning help center to find answers on most user issues. 
  • Visit the Contact Learning Support to submit a ticket for major issues and expert technical support. 
  • Call LinkedIn Learning support line at 888-335-9632. 
  • Visit the Disability Answer Desk.

General questions

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is one of the largest eLearning platforms in the world and offers over 8,000 online professional skills development courses to help employees learn and grow. Learn more about course topics on the  LinkedIn Learning website. 

How do I know if I have access to LinkedIn Learning? 

Please reach out to your training director to verify if you do have or if you should have access to LinkedIn Learning. Licenses are limited, your training director, supervisor, or manager can work with the Enterprise Development Team to help you obtain a license. You will receive an email from LinkedIn Learning to activate your account. 

How do I get a LinkedIn Learning license?

Fill out this form to get connected with Enterprise Talent Development (ETD) and request a LinkedIn Learning license. Filling out the form does not guarantee you will receive a license. An ETD representative will follow up with you on the status of your request. 

Different than LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning is a separate entity from the LinkedIn social platform, but the two websites connect with each other. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals to share their career achievements and network with their industry. LinkedIn Learning is a site for professional education and skill advancement.  

How do I activate my account? 

Once your administrator adds you as a user, you will receive an email with an activation link; this link is personalized to you and should not be shared with others in the organization. Note: these emails sometimes end up in junk/spam folders. Click on the activation link in this email to start your login process. You will have the option to set up your account in 1 of 2 ways: 

  1. By creating a separate organizational login (email and password), or 
  2. By logging in with a username/password for a personal LinkedIn profile. 

There are some benefits to connecting with an existing LinkedIn profile, and this is to help enrich your personalized learning experience, never to share any of your personal activity with your organization.

How do I return to login? 

Once you've activated your account, you can return anytime by going to and typing in the email and password you used for activation. If you activated your account with an existing LinkedIn username/password, you can also go into your account and find the "go-to learning" button at the top right.

If I want to activate using a LinkedIn profile, does it matter if it's a personal email address associated with that account and not my work email? 

It does not matter what email address you use for your profile. Because the activation link was sent to your work email, we can associate the learning history from your LinkedIn account to your organization's dashboard. If anything happens where you leave the organization and have your LinkedIn Learning access disconnected, this won't have any impact on your profile.

If I activate using a LinkedIn profile, what are the benefits? 

Activating your account by tying it to a LinkedIn profile can have some additional benefits. First, LinkedIn Learning can help personalize content recommendations to you based on the public information (such as job title, existing skills and interests, and education) from your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Learning can help show you some trending or popular content amongst others within your network, and you would be able to access a live Q&A with other learners and instructors for each course. Plus, easy 1-click adding, of course, completion badges to your LinkedIn profile, and a learning history that remains with you even after you leave the organization and might be disconnected from the LinkedIn Learning coursework. 

If I activate using a LinkedIn profile, what can my employer have access to?

Even if you choose to activate your account using a personal LinkedIn profile, that's okay LinkedIn Learning won't share your personal information (such as job search history, connection request, in emails, etc.) with your employer. Your employer will have access to a record only of your LinkedIn Learning course viewings. Only your name, photo, and learning data will be shared with The State of Minnesota. You can learn more about this on the LinkedIn site. 

How do I connect my LinkedIn profile? Can I to connect my profile later? 

Instructions for activating your LinkedIn Learning account will come to you via email directly from LinkedIn Learning with instructions on how to connect your personal LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning license. You can review key benefits for connecting your license to your LinkedIn profile on the LinkedIn Learning site.

To start with LinkedIn Learning now and connect your profile later, or to combine and connect multiple LinkedIn profiles, go to a course Q&A section and select Connect My Profile. 

If I activate with a LinkedIn profile but later want to disconnect it, can I do so? 

Of course. Depending on your account settings, your administrator (enter name here) might be able to disconnect your profile for you. Otherwise, please contact the LinkedIn help center here for support on this request. 

LinkedIn Learning Usage Guidelines 

Can I use my LinkedIn Learning license on my own, personal time—and is it accessible from a home computer or mobile device? 

YES! LinkedIn Learning licenses may be accessed and used on your own personal time. Staff cannot incur any overtime in using a learning license at work. Staff cannot receive paid time or in any way be compensated for use of the license outside of work, if you choose to access the license on your personal time. Please be aware that all completed LinkedIn Learning courses are periodically uploaded into your employee-training transcript in Learning Management.

Note that this license is being provided as a state resource and as such it’s meant to be used in accordance with our statewide policy #1423 on the Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Technology. The license is intended for your professional enrichment and should be used to help you meet your Individual Development Plan that you’ve discussed with your supervisor or manager. That being said, if you do choose to use the license for personal enrichment (e.g., Managing Your Personal Finances, Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube or Drum Set Lessons: On the Beaten Path) please do so outside of work hours and on a non-work device; also, if you do not want those courses to be added to your Learning Management employee record, do not complete them.

Do I need my supervisor’s approval to use my LinkedIn Learning license at work? 

It is highly recommended to obtain approval to use the LinkedIn Learning license during paid work time. Please work with your supervisor to create an approved training plan, based on your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Staff cannot incur any overtime in using a learning license at work.

Can my co-workers or family members use my LinkedIn Learning account?

No. The license is specific to you and your LinkedIn account. 

Unlimited access

Participants will have unlimited access to courses, on topics such as leadership, management skills, workplace communications skills, project management, software training, and more. Courses range from short videos to in-depth trainings. Select here to learn about several ways on how to view courses.

How do I, or others know, what courses I've completed? 

When you complete a course video, (every second of it, all the way through, until 00:00 seconds remain,) the course will be listed in your Learning History under the My Learning tab on LinkedIn Learning. If you have connected your personal LinkedIn profile, you have the option to share proof of course completion on your profile, or to your newsfeed so your connections can see it, too!  

Passwords and support 

What if I forget my password? 

If you used your LinkedIn profile to activate your LinkedIn Learning account, then click the "forgot your password" field provided in the login flow. If you are using a separate organizational login (email and password), please call LinkedIn support line (1-888-335-9632) to reset your password. 

What if I did not receive my "Password Assistance" email?

If you requested the "Password Assistance" email and haven't received it, check the following: 

  1.  Timing. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request. 
  2. Confirm you used the email address that is linked to your LinkedIn Learning account. 
  3. Check your Junk, Spam, or Trash folders in case the email was automatically filtered. 
  4. If you still can't find the email, contact LinkedIn support line 888-335-9632.

What if I need additional support? 

Individuals can reach out for support anytime through the help center or via LinkedIn 24/7 support line: 1-888-335-9632. 

Alternatively, if you want more administrative resources for promoting & getting full use out of your access, you can find lots of resources in LinkedIn customer success center.

Can I provide feedback on functionality or report bugs with the platform? 

Yes, please! LinkedIn Learning is constantly working to improve LinkedIn offering and your experience with it. For ideas or suggestions, please log in to LinkedIn Learning, and at the bottom right corner, there is a feedback selection. 

Courses and certifications

What certifications & continuing education units/professional development units are offered through LinkedIn Learning? 

LinkedIn Learning has lots of certifications & continuing education units available already; for a full listing visit here

Don't forget to check back a few times a year as LinkedIn Learning is regularly adding new content and new partnerships to expand this area of LinkedIn offering. 

How often are new courses added? 

New courses are added to the platform every single week (every Monday to be precise). LinkedIn Learning adds approximately 30-70 new courses weekly, so check back frequently often.

How can I see when new courses are added? 

There are a few ways to see the new courses that are added. First, you can subscribe to LinkedIn learning blog here, and every Monday, an article will be sent to you that lists the new course titles added that week. Second, your homepage content recommendations will show you the newest and most popular courses. Lastly, if you're searching for a particular topic using the search bar, once you've done a search, click on the "sort by" drop-down at the top right and click "newest" and it will show you the newest courses on that topic first. 

Where can I see my learning history? 

Your own learning history is available to you at any time. Log into your LinkedIn Learning account, and under the "me" button at the top right, you can select "Learning History."

Can I download/print course completion certificates? 

Yes. In your learning history, navigate to any completed course and click the "more" button to the right. Here you can add to your profile (if you've connected with a LinkedIn account) or download certificate to save a digital file or to print and display at home/work. 

Course Viewing and Languages 

Is there a mobile app? 

Yes, and many people prefer to learn on-the-go. In the app/play store on your device, find the LinkedIn Learning app for download. Once downloaded, you will log in with your same desktop credentials, and your learning will automatically go with you wherever you go. Using the mobile option is a bit different and has the option to turn the courses to "audio only" via a toggle within each course.

Can I download content for offline viewing? 

Yes. When using the device connected to the internet, navigate to a course you want to watch later offline and click the "download" button. This will download courses to your device that you can watch while offline, like when taking a flight or in a location where internet access is not available.

What languages is the content available in? 

LinkedIn content is currently available across seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, German, and Brazilian/Portuguese. That said, LinkedIn course catalogs do not have the same courses available in all languages because each course is made as a standalone course with native speaking authors; the courses are not translations, intentionally for a more enriching and authentic experience. 

How do I change my language settings? 

To change your language settings at any time, there are two easy ways to do this. First, you can click on the "me" button at the top right and go to your language settings default. Second, when searching for courses using the search bar, search a keyword, then once you are on the results page, at the bottom left, you can switch your language via a dropdown arrow. When you do it this way, the search will rerun in the new language of choice.

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