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Position Management MN PS140S

Learn how to use SEMA4 to view job code information, establish new positions, change position information, as well as use position information in reports.
Learning Objectives:
  • View job code information
  • Define the relationship between position and job code
  • Establish a new position in the system
  • Enter position funding information
  • View position information
  • Put a position on hold
  • Select position reason codes for changes to position records
  • Inactivate a position
  • Correct position information
  • Use standard reports on position management information
Employees who perform tasks such as maintaining records of current employees, processing new positions, inactivating positions, and changing information on existing positions.
Delivery Method:
Self-study topics with hands-on activities using the training database.
Four (4) hours
To take this course:
1. Complete the online course registration, using course number MN-PS140S.
2. You will receive an Email explaining how to access the training database.
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