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Care When You Are Outside the Area

Get care no matter where you live or visit. Here's how:
  • Just go to a health care provider within your HealthPartners or Blue Cross national network. Call the number on the back of your ID card to find current providers where you are.
  • Convenience care clinics are still an option when you're away from Minnesota. Call the number on the back of your ID card to find out which Convenience/Retail clinics are in your national network.
  • Get emergency care and urgent care from the closest facility. It is covered whether the facility is in network or out.
  • You still get your prescriptions through CVS Caremark. Call 844-345-3234 to find a pharmacy or go to

The out-of-area care schedule of benefits outlines how the care is covered. You’ll see that it’s similar to what you’d pay at a cost level 3 primary care clinic in Minnesota. The care you get is considered out of the area if the clinic isn't located in Minnesota or in the Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, or South Dakota counties that border Minnesota. Bordering counties that are part of the service area are listed below the map on the service area page.

You need to know:

  • Use providers that are part of your national network. 
  • You will pay the entire bill if there are in-network national providers available and you do not use them. 
  • There are separate deductibles for care you get in Minnesota or in counties that border the state, and for care you get away from the area. 

Special Situations

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