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Explanation of Budgetary Statements

Fund Balance Analysis documents: The spreadsheets provide information on actual and enacted general fund revenues, spending, reserves, and fund balances. Information on revenues is provided by the type of tax or other major revenue source. Information on spending is displayed by omnibus appropriation bill and state agency. Minnesota Management & Budget prepares updated fund balance analysis documents at the time of the financial forecasts in February and November, with the Governor's budget recommendations, and at the end of legislative sessions. 

Consolidated Fund Statement provides information on actual and estimated revenues and spending for all budgetary funds. Budgetary funds include the general fund, special revenue funds, permanent trust fund and the debt service fund. 

Where General Fund Dollars Come From; Where General Fund Dollars Go: The pie charts display state general fund revenues by type of major tax or other revenue source, and expenditures by major program area, in dollars and percentages of total. 

The Price of Government is defined as total state and local revenues as a percentage of total Minnesota personal income. It reflects how much of each dollar earned goes for state and local government. State law requires that the Governor recommend and the legislature adopt targets for the price of government. Minnesota Management & Budget reports on the actual and projected price of government at the February and November forecasts, with the Governor's recommended budget, and at the end of each legislative session. 

General Fund and All Funds Historical Spending:This table displays state General Fund and all funds spending, with annual and biennial percentage change information. 

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