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Apply for a Program

The Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) and Senior Leadership Institute (SLI) programs require application and acceptance into the program before enrollment in the program.

Applicants are expected to follow their agency's internal process for being nominated to apply for the program. The application must be accompanied by letters of recommendation as specified. Please read the steps below carefully to ensure all requirements are met.

Applications for the 2019-2020 ELI/SLI programs are currently being accepted. Application deadline is June 6, 2019 at noon. 

Step 1: Internal Agency Applications

Please use the fillable/printable PDF form for state agencies' internal processes for selecting ELI/SLI applicants.

ELI Applications:
SLI Applications:

Step 2: Recommendation Letter(s) 

  • For ELI: One (1) letter of supervisory/managerial support written on agency letterhead and one (1) letter of approval from your agency HR director with his/her signature must be included as part of the application.
  • For SLI: A letter from the agency's commissioner or deputy commissioner, written on agency letterhead and signed by the commissioner or deputy commissioner must be included as part of the application.
  • NOTE: Applications cannot be submitted without recommendation letter(s).

Step 3: Online Application Submission

  • May 6, 2019, state agency HR will have access to the ELI/SLI online application form link. To request an application link, please email
  • The online application form has the same questions as the PDF application above.
  • Candidates or HR must enter the application information and complete the online form.
  • The online application cannot be submitted without uploading the letter(s) of recommendation.
  • The online application auto-generates a notification to HR directors, training coordinators, and supervisors when an application is submitted. This notification ensures applications are only submitted with both HR and supervisor approval.

An application receipt will be confirmed via email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within five (5) business days of submission, email us at to verify receipt of your application. It is the applicant's responsibility to assure that the application is complete, including signatures on letters of recommendation.

Note: No late or incomplete submissions will be considered. Applicants will receive a notification of acceptance status no later than August 8, 2019.

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