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09 18 2013

New View: PS-X-S-W-APPROP-SS - Appropriation Snapshot View

The PS-X-S-W-APPROP-SS view provides snapshots of the PS-X-S-W-APPROP view. PS-X-S-W-APPROP-SS contains a current snapshot along with month end and fiscal year close copies of the EPM PS-X-S-W-APPROP view. Individual snapshots are referenced by W-RPTG-MO-NBR and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD. W-RPTG-MO-NBR is a numeric field that references the calendar year and month (YYYYMM). W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD is a single character field that indicates the snapshot type ('M'= monthly / 'C' = close). The current snapshot is updated daily and has W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'. When the end of the month is reached the current snapshot for that month is no longer updated and becomes the snapshot for that month end. Users with security roles M-FS-GL-INQUIRY and M-FS-KK-INQUIRY have access to the view.
  • To select the current snapshot set W-RPTG-MO-NBR = (current calendar year and month) and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'
  • To select records for the month end May 2013, set W-RPTG-MO-NBR =201305 and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'M'
  • To select records for the 2012 fiscal year close set W-RPTG-MO-NBR =201208 and W-SNAPSHOT-TYPE-CD = 'C'
If you have any questions regarding these SWIFT Data Warehouse views, please contact the SWIFT Help Desk by phone at 651-201-8100, option 4.
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