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Capital Budget System

The Capital Budget System (CBS) is a web-based system used to collect and review capital budget requests from state agencies and local units of government, as well as to build the Governor's proposed capital budget. The system manages the collection and review of capital project requests, from the submission of project descriptions, timelines, projected costs, and proposed funding sources through the analysis of proposed projects' rationale and relation to an entity's needs, mission, and program support. CBS is used by all agencies and entities within the executive branch, the state's public higher education systems, and local units of government. 

CBS is a secure system. Entities must request access for staff responsible for submitting capital budget requests by completing the appropriate user authorization form. System access and training materials are provided below.

CBS is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox web browsers.

System Access

System Training Materials

Process, Instructions, and Current Capital Budget Documents

Please contact for support with the Capital Budget System, including system access and use.  If you have capital budget process or policy questions, please contact Marianne Conboy, Capital Budget Coordinator, or your agency's assigned Executive Budget Officer (EBO).  
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