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EPM Data Warehouse Bulletins

Check this page for news and announcements related to the EPM Data Warehouse

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2020-Oct-19- New Features for the Data Warehouse

2019-May-09-SWIFT Data Warehouse New Asset Management Subject Area

2017-November-14- SWIFT Data Warehouse ELM Data Bulletin

2017-October-19 - SWIFT Data Warehouse Payroll Retroactive Pay and other Enhancements

2017-March-30-SWIFT Data Warehouse Invoice Date added to Voucher Header Folder

2017-January-26-SWIFT Data Warehouse New Strategic Sourcing Subject Areas and Dashboard

2016-November-30- SWIFT Data Warehouse: New Extract Views

2016-November-22-SWIFT Data Warehouse: HCM- Recruiting Solutions Subject Areas now available in OBIEE

2016-November-22-SWIFT Data Warehouse- Revised Extract Views

2016-October-27- SWIFT Data Warehouse- NEW HCM Subject Area - Workforce - FLSA Schedule

2016-August-03- SWIFT Data Warehouse- HCM Payroll Subject Area

2016-June-30- SWIFT Data Warehouse- New Payroll Subject Areas

2016-June-9- SWIFT Data Warehouse - New Supplier Diversity Purchase Order Reporting- Subject Areas and Dashboard

2016-June-3- SWIFT Data Warehouse-New Commitment Control Snapshots - Subject Areas and Dashboard

2016-May-17-SWIFT Data Warehouse- New Snapshot of soft and hard close in EPM warehouse

2016- April -15- SWIFT Data Warehouse-New Projects and Grants - Subject Areas and Dashboards

2016- February-24- SWIFT Data Warehouse- New Dashboard Added to Human Resource Dashboards

2016- February- 16- SWIFT Data Warehouse- Human Resource Reports and Subject Areas Now Available in OBIEE

2016- February 16-SWIFT Data Warehouse -New OBIEE Repository Documentation - Subject Area Deployment

2015- November 4- SWIFT Data Warehouse- Supplier Diversity Reporting

2015- July 28 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New Subject Area Deployment

2015 - January 26 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - Revised view PS-X-W-EPM-BAT-INF

2014 - December-24 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - Revised Extract view PS-X-S-W-ITM-ACCLN

2014 - July 21 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New/Revised Expenditure Receipts Views

2014 - July 21 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New Expenditure and Receipts Views Meta Data

2014 - July 21 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - OBIEE Repository changes - New Subject Areas - New Dashboards

2013 - January 8 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - Changes made to existing Crystal Reports.

2013 - April 9 - Subject Area Display Changes

2013 - July 12 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New LEDGER and LEDGER-KK snapshot views

2013 - September 18 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New Appropriation snapshot view

2012 - December 12 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New View - EPM Batch Process Information

2012 - December 12 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - New Security Implemented

2012 - Dec 31 - SWIFT Data Warehouse - Accounts Payable (AP) Reports and Subject Areas now available in OBIEE

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