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Substance Use Disorder Survey

A bipartisan provision enacted during the 2015 legislative session asks Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) to examine corrections and human services programs. As part of this work, MMB is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to identify substance use disorder treatments in the state. The survey will help us understand the present offerings, identify evidence-based treatments used by providers, and inform an analysis of the effectiveness of chemical dependency treatments. We're asking providers to offer insights into the types of treatments they offer, as well as details about the treatment regimen (average frequency, duration, and length of treatment). MMB will combine survey data with other data collection efforts to inform the inventory of treatment modalities and benefit-cost analysis.

Please provide your e-mail address below, so we can send you the survey. This instructions document defines terms, and provides guidance on how to fill out the survey.

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The final report will offer context on chemical dependency offerings in Minnesota and include a benefit-cost analysis of treatment modalities. To estimate the impact of these treatments on client outcomes, MMB will draw from peer-reviewed, experimental design research conducted across the nation. In general, these studies find chemical dependency treatment to be effective at generating positive, cost-effective outcomes for clients. MMB will use the work to inform agency and legislative discussions of improving Minnesota's model of care. 

For further information about Results First, watch our webinar. We recommend opening the link with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

To learn more about the initiative and read past benefit-cost analysis reports, visit our website:

For any other questions, please contact

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