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Policymakers and practitioners can produce better results for Minnesotans when they prioritize evidence-based services and rigorously evaluate services that do not yet have evidence of effectiveness.   

The following tool identifies the extent to which state-funded grant programs administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services supported evidence-based practices in fiscal years 2020 and 2021, based on grantee reporting and a review of administrative records.  "Evidence-based” practices have been found to be effective by at least one scientific study.  Other practices may also be effective, even if their effectiveness has not yet been scientifically studied.  A summary report--including the methods used to conduct this analysis--is available here (PDF).

Related Resources 

The underlying data for these charts can be accessed as here as CSV files here: Grant Program Data | Evidence-based Practices Data
Additional information on how to use evidence in policymaking is available here:


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