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Reports and Publications

Project Pre-Registrations 

The Impact Evaluation Unit pre-registers all its evaluations through the Open Science Framework in order to ensure transparency about its evaluation process and research agenda. Below are links to project registrations for current and past impact evaluations.

Descriptive Reports 

Legislative Reports 

The primary deliverable of the Impact Evaluation Unit’s efforts is the Legislative Report for each evaluation undertaken. These reports provide an executive summary, detailed project discussion, and technical appendices for use by state agencies, law makers, and the public. Below are links to final reports for evaluations that have been conducted by the Unit.

External Partnerships 

Journal Articles 

From time to time, the Impact Evaluation Unit conducts a study that represents a substantial contribution to the broader field of study for the subject matter area. When this occurs, the Unit (where permissible) seeks to publish versions of its findings in academic and research journals. Publishing findings within the broader scientific community demonstrates Minnesota’s commitment to evidence-based policy, and provides an opportunity for the State to engage with research community to form fruitful relationships and promote future evaluation efforts.

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