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Evaluation of a Pilot to Reform Driver’s License Suspensions in Child Support

From October 2021 to June 2022, Minnesota’s Department of Human Services (DHS) piloted in 12 counties an alternative approach to child support enforcement. The pilot incorporated principles from procedural justice, including respect, understanding, voice, neutrality of decision-making, and helpfulness, into usual practices in working with noncustodial parents who were at risk of having their driver’s license suspended due to non-payment. The pilot aimed to increase compliance with child support orders, target license suspensions more effectively, and encourage child support workers and noncustodial parents to identify other solutions such as payment agreements, arrears management, or order modifications. To understand whether the pilot had the desired effects, DHS and Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) partnered to conduct an impact evaluation. The evaluation intends to compare the outcomes of noncustodial parents in pilot counties to similar noncustodial parents in non-pilot counties over time, shedding light on outcomes and informing future changes to practice and policy.

Descriptive Report

Project Registration Date: 


Project Status: 

In Progress

Project Lead: 

Dr. Anna Solmeyer

Evaluation Priority Area: 

Human Services

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