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State Laws

Minnesota employment-based statutes are an important tool for employers and employees. These laws establish our state employment practices while preventing discrimination, protecting employer and employee rights, and establishing a successful work environment. A review of these materials will allow employers and employees to better understand their rights, benefits, and obligations, and will help develop successful human resources policies.

  • Affirmative Action
    An overview of legislation, rules, and procedures governing Minnesota's affirmative action policies for state employees.
  • Data Practices (Chapter 13)
    Regulates the collection, creation, storage, maintenance, dissemination, and access to government data in government entities.
  • Human Rights (Chapter 363A)
    Prevents unfair discriminatory practices relating to employment, establishes grievance procedures, and creates compliance requirements for public contracts.

To search for additional State Laws, please visit the Office of the Revisor of Statutes.
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