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The Chief Inclusion Officer, Priscilla Stallings, and the Office of Inclusion are charged with advancing statewide strategies to incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into all aspects of enterprise policies and practices to make the State of Minnesota an employer of choice. In alignment the Walz Flanagan administration, the One Minnesota plan, and One Minnesota Guiding Principles priorities and values, our priorities acknowledge the historical context of racial inequity and recognizes the intersectionality of identities within the communities we serve. Executive order 19.01 established the One Minnesota Council on Inclusion and Equity in 2019, emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in state government practices. Executive order 21.13 established the Governors Community Council, which produced the Long-range plan (LRP). The implementation of the Long-range plan provides the State of Minnesota with the opportunity to commit to improvements that will support recruitment, hiring, and retention for our Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Veterans, LGBTQIA2S+, and people with disabilities.

Our Mission

The Office of Inclusion is dedicated to fostering an equitable, inclusive, accessible, and just environment where everyone is valued and provided equitable opportunities. Through collaboration, education, and data-driven approaches, we drive inclusive policies and practices.

Our Vision

We envision a Minnesota State Government that reflects the rich tapestry of our state, fosters equitable opportunities, and serves as a beacon of inclusivity.

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All the initiatives embedded within our strategic priorities elevate the significance of ongoing learning among government staff, create a safe and inclusive work environment, and seek diverse expertise to ensure effective implementation of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion across the enterprise. By committing to continuous learning and collaboration, our priorities set the stage for an organization where diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion are not just goals but deeply embedded values in our pursuit of an inclusive and equitable organization.


Enterprise Training and Development : Learning and development courses for state employees centered in DEAI.

DEAI Resources on the Leadership Learning Hub

State of Minnesota Equity Analysis Tool

The Office of Equity, Opportunity, and Accessibility in partnership with the Office of Inclusion and agency equity practitioners from MDHR, MNDOT, MNIT, and DHS have created an equity tool for use in Minnesota state government and community.

Equity Analysis Toolkit Quick Guide

What is an equity analysis tool?

An equity tool is a structured method to integrate consideration of equity and inclusion in the work we do to eliminate disparities, inclusive of decisions, policies, programs, initiatives, processes, and budgeting. How do we define equity? Equity is the distribution or redistribution of resources based on the unique needs and barriers of the people and communities we serve. We understand that:

  • We are not all starting from the same place.
  • We must meet communities where they are.
  • Place emphasis on accessibility to resources.

The equity tool is designed to be utilized across the employee enterprise by agency leaders and for use by Minnesotans in their communities. Through equitable engagement with focus on informing, consulting, involvement, collaboration, and empowering people, we can move toward realizing the administration’s One Minnesota goals and priorities. As you browse the equity tool, discuss the sample questions with your teams and partners. You can record your notes and responses directly in the tool to help guide your next project.


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