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Capital Projects

The Minnesota Legislature appropriates state funding for a variety of capital projects. Funding may be approved through the state bonding bill or other state appropriation bills, and may come from bond proceeds or from the state general fund. Before accessing the state appropriations, state agencies and local government units need to comply with the constitutional, statutory and federal tax requirements on the use of these monies.

Financial Policies and Procedures

Statewide accounting policies (SWIFT) related to the release of capital appropriations.

After the Bonding Bill

For state agencies, an overview of the requirements on the use of bond proceeds.

Bond Authorizations

Historical bond authorizations made by the Legislature by year.

Capital Grants Manual

For grantees and local government units, a step-by-step guide to accessing your grant money.

Grant Agreements

Grant agreement forms and instructions; Checklists.

Legal Information

Legal authority, bond counsel opinions and tax compliance policies and procedures.

Capital Budget

See current Capital Budget documents and related materials or view the Capital Budget Library.

Bond Proceeds Status Reports

Reports on the expenditure and encumbrance of bond proceeds.

Capital Projects Cancellation Reports

Reports on bonding appropriations that have been cancelled.

Bond Appropriations Used to Pay Staff Costs

Staff costs policy; Reports.

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