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Current Capital Budget

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Governor's 2020 Capital Budget - Update #1
March 12, 2020

Governor's 2020 Proposed Capital Budget
January 15, 2020

Preliminary 2020 Capital Budget Requests and Related Documents
July 15, 2019

The funding sources in the capital budget request documents include the following abbreviations:

Funding Source
GO = General Obligation Bond GF = General Fund Cash UF = User Financed Bonding
AP = Appropriation Bonds THB = Trunk Highway Bonds THC = Trunk Highway Cash
Rev = Revenue Bonds

Public Comments on Projects to Invest in Minnesota Communities 
As part of the bonding proposal development process this year, we piloted a website to give the public another opportunity to tell us what funding requests for public infrastructure projects they support and why. We received 1,597 comments between Oct. 15 and Nov. 30.  Comments were submitted for nearly 75% of the local government proposals . View the comments (PDF version). An accessible version of these data will be published shortly.

Note about the comments: Although we only asked for comments on projects people support, in some cases respondents wrote comments about projects they oppose. Rows in the spreadsheet that are highlighted orange with an asterisk (*) indicate comments opposing projects. Some comments end abruptly due to a 350 character limit on the comment field; related comments from the same source were compressed into a single entry.

Capital Budget Map

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