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Reports and Queries

SWIFT offers new information gathering capabilities including pre-built reports and queries that users can access directly from within the various SWIFT financial and procurement modules. A listing of these reports and queries is available in the Information Reference Guide. The guide also provides examples, information on prompts and the navigation path to each query or report listed.
In addition to the query and reporting capabilities provided directly in SWIFT, the SWIFT Data Warehouse is being built to replace the State of Minnesota's existing Information Access (IA) Data Warehouse. Click SWIFT Data Warehouse to learn more.
State agencies have five ways to retrieve information from the SWIFT accounting and procurement system. Read the Ways to Get Information Out of SWIFT fact sheet (Revised Dec. 29, 2017).
Note: Historical accounting and procurement data will continue to be available indefinitely through the IA Data Warehouse. Non-financial Human Resources and Payroll Data will be updated daily through June 2018.
SWIFT also provides a number of Quick Reference Guides related to reports and queries, listed by the Module they reference.
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