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IA Data Warehouse

Minnesota Management & Budget Information Access (IA) Data Warehouse provides authorized agency administrative and agency business users with a collection of data for compiling information and generating reports. The IA Data Warehouse integrates data from several operating systems to provide information that is more complete and easier to access. It is a data warehouse providing historical information from MAPS, which provides accounting and procurement, and SEMA4, which provides human resource, labor distribution, leave and payroll data. The IA Data Warehouse was Decommissioned on June 15, 2019. Current data is available in the EPM Data Warehouse.


Bulletins and updates related to the IA Data Warehouse.

Crystal Reports Information

Information about software installation and examples of reports in multiple subject areas. Also includes a link to the Crystal License Request Form.

Data Models

Provides visual representations of the data models used by the IA Data Warehouse.

Oracle Software Installation

Description of the Oracle Client Software Installation program distributed by Information Access for connection to the IA Warehouse. The installation adds and configures Oracle Client Networking Software including an updated Oracle ODBC Driver.

IA Data Warehouse Training

Descriptions for IA Data Warehouse training course and access to the downloadable Learning Guides for each course.
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