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JAWS User Instructions

Jaws Accessibility Instructions for SEMA4 Self-Service

The State of Minnesota's Self-Service pages were tested using Freedom Scientific Jaws version 9.0 and Internet Explorer on a desktop PC.
Navigate to the State of Minnesota SEMA4 website You will be required to enter both your Userid and a password. Select 'User id: Edit' from the Form Field list to enter your Userid. Tab to enter your password and press the Enter key. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be presented with the main page in SEMA4 which will have all of the SEMA4 self-service pages. In order to have the pages present themselves in an accessible format, you will need to have your self-service profile changed to accommodate accessibility mode. These options are available on the 'My Profile' page which you can access via the Links list.
The Department of Management and Budget has attempted to organize the main SEMA4 webpage placing the most commonly used pages first. The easiest way to navigate to a particular page is to select it from the Links list (Insert F7). Most of the SEMA4 pages can be read with Jaws keystroke combination of Ctrl Home and Insert down arrow. Many of the SEMA4 pages have both form fields and links. To quickly reference Jaws keystroke combinations, search for the text Jaws Command List located at the end of this document. There are a number of Sema4 pages that open up a webpage to an external website. This document does not address the use of these websites using screen readers. The self-service pages that link to external websites are outlined at the end of this document under the heading of External Websites. Finally, all self-service pages that open up Pdf files are also listed at the end of this document in a paragraph titled Pdf Links.
My Profile page
There are two standard frames on the My Profile page. To change your accessibility profile, both the 'Screen Reader Accessibility Mode' and 'Automatically Collapse Menu Access' options checkboxes must be checked. You can do this by selecting each of these via the Form Field list (Insert F5). You can also quickly jump to these fields by using the 'x' key; the quick command on the web using Jaws to jump to a checkbox. The boxes are right next to each other so you can check each one with the space bar and press the 'b' button to quickly bring up the Save button. Typing the Alt 1 command will also save your changes on this site.
Next you must save your changes by selecting 'Save' from the Form Field list.
You must sign out in order for your changes to take effect. You can do so by selecting 'Sign Out' from the Links list. You may immediately sign back into Sema4.
My Paystub page
The My Paystub page has 2 links: 'View Paystub' and 'Pay Calculation'. When you select the 'View Paystub' link you will get a page that has a list of you paychecks beginning with the most recent one. There are eight columns with the first one being the Paycheck Issue Date. Immediately following the paycheck issue date is a pushbutton for viewing that particular paycheck. To view your paycheck, select the pushbutton following the paycheck issue date. Once the paystub is displayed it may be read using Invisible Cursor mode (num pad -).
To read another paycheck select the 'View Other Paychecks' button from the Form Field list.
To view your current, leave activity, select the 'View Leave Balance' button from the Form Field list.
When you are finished reading the paycheck information you may return to the main Sema4 webpage by selecting Home from the Links list. The View Paycheck pushbutton is being reworked so that the year reads correctly in Jaws.
Time Entry
There is quite a bit of information on the Time Entry page so is best to orient yourself to the entire page before beginning. You can do so by going to the top of the page with the Control Home command and reading the page using the down arrow or insert down arrow for continuous read. The Time Entry screen is divided into two frames. A frame is a border surrounding the area that contains related material. You navigate between frames with the 'm' key. The top frame is titled Portal Header Frame and contains some major navigation links for the site. The second frame is titled Main Content Frame and contains the links to view your pay stub, check leave balances and benefits, do time entry and more. The time entry link will appear here once this function is active for you. You can navigate to it in multiple ways, by using the down arrow, searching for the words 'Time Entry' through the use of Control F or by bringing it up with the links list.
The current pay period is defaulted for the Time Entry page since this is the most common pay period used.
If you want to select a different pay period, you can select the Pay Period Selection option from the Links list. Since all available pay periods are included on this page, you may have to read through many rows of data before finding the pay period you are looking for. Once you have found the pay period, hit Enter to select it and you will be returned to the main Time Entry page. If you wish to exit the pay Period selection page without selecting a new pay period, select 'Back' from the Windows Explorer button selection (Insert F8). This will return you to the main Time Entry page.
The data on the page will vary depending on your FICA status.
If you are a nonexempt employee, your bi-weekly work schedule will be defaulted into the Time & Labor grid with an earnings code of REG (regular). If you are an exempt employee, there will be no REG row defaulted in reflecting your work schedule. Exempt employees are only required to enter non-regular time such as vacation and sick leave. Both exempt and nonexempt employees will have a HOL (holiday) row defaulted in if a state-paid holiday falls in the pay period. There are required fields on the page. These include your time, comments if required by your agency and the Completed checkbox which must be marked.
The main content frame contains some navigation links at the top plus one or more tables that contain the Earn Codes and the day names for the pay period being entered. For the sighted user the information is in columns across the screen. The screen reader will have this information presented one item at a time as you move down the page.
After the general navigation links you will hear the dates of the pay period, a check box to mark our time complete, your name and other identifying information, the table or tables containing information about your earn code, days and hours worked and controls to choose another pay period and save your changes. There is one row for each earn code. The earn code is a three letter code that indicates the activity for the hours on a given day.
To enter your time in the Time & Labor grid, select 'Earn Code' from the Form Fields list. If you know the earn code you want to use, you can enter the 3 character value then tab to the correct day. Frequently used values are VAC and SIK for vacation and sick leave respectively.
If you are not sure of the earn code value to enter, you can select 'Lookup Earn Code' from the Links list. This will bring up the Earn Code Lookup page. You can select from the Links list of earn codes. If you receive an error in an enterable field, the word ERROR will be defaulted into the field. You must delete this value before reentering your information.

To enter more than one earn code, you will need to add a row. There is no default earn code for a new row and all hours are defaulted to 0.00. You can select 'Add a Row' from the Links list. You can also delete a row by can selecting 'Delete a Row' from the Links list.
Below the rows for the different earn codes/days/hours you have entered will be a table with the totals. You should check to make sure the daily totals and grand totals for the time period are correct. This table is preceded with the words 'Daily Totals'.
Some agencies require employees to include comments depending on which earn codes they have selected. For instance, if you have selected sick leave, you may have to include the reason for you absence (e.g. doctor's appointment). The comments may also be used by supervisors if he/she has completed time entry in your absence. You will normally be placed in an edit box where you enter your comments. The page that comes up is very similar to the Time Entry page from which you came. The comments edit box is in a blank row added by default. Enter forms mode, if you need to, enter your comments. Using the Links list select 'Comments' from the available links. This is a free form page which allows you to enter the date and reason for your absence. To return to the main Time Entry page select Time Entry from the Links list.
Once you have entered your time you can either save the information you have entered so you can mark completed at a later time or mark it as completed You must mark your information as completed in order for your manager to approve your time.
To just save the information without marking it completed you can select the Save button from the Form Field list. The saved information will appear when you once again access your Time Entry page.
To mark your time as completed, select the 'Completed? checkbox from the Form Fields list. Once you have selected the Completed? checkbox you will get another page asking you to confirm the completion of your time entry. Using the Form Fields list select either 'Yes' or 'N' and press enter. You will then be returned to the main Time Entry page. You have completed your time entry.
If you would like to review your Leave Activity information, you may select the View Leave Activity from the Links list. For more information see 'My Leave Activity'.
Benefits pages
There are five Sema4 Benefits pages: Benefits Summary, Dependent/Beneficiary Coverage, Pre-Tax Accounts and Benefits Enrollment. You may select any one of these using the Links list.
The Benefits Summary and Dependent and Beneficiary Coverage Summary pages
Both the Benefits Summary and The Dependent and Beneficiary Coverage Summary have one editable date field and a pushbutton. The summary page has a link for every benefit you are enrolled in and the Dependent and Beneficiary page has a link for each dependent. The date field allows you to view your benefits as of a specific date by selecting the Edit Box from the Form Field list, entering the date then selecting the GO pushbutton from the Form Field list. You can drill down to view information about a benefit plan or dependent.
Benefits Enrollment
The Benefits Enrollment page has 5 columns and a 'Select' pushbutton to begin the enrollment process. If Benefits enrollment is open, there will be a pushbutton for each benefit type available as well as a link to the 'Private Data' pdf. There will also be 'Continue' and 'I Have No Changes' pushbuttons available in the Form Field list. The 'Continue' pushbutton will bring up another page which will require you to either 'Submit' or 'Cancel' using one of the pushbuttons on the Form Field list.
Where applicable, you can update beneficiary information by selecting 'Beneficiary Designation' Pdf from the Links list.
My Leave Activity page
There are no Form fields on this page. There are two tabs on this page: 'Leave Activity by Plan' and 'Leave Activity by Pay Period'. Both are available in the Links list. To view 'additional plan' or 'pay period information' select, 'Show next Row' from the Links list.
Other Payroll pages
There are nine Other Payroll page within this webpage group.
W-4 and MWR
There are six editable fields and two push buttons on this page. You can update the data using Form Field list then select the 'Submit' button when you are finished. You will be prompted to reenter your password which is available from the Form Field list.
Next select either the 'Continue' or 'Cancel' pushbutton from the Form Field list.
State withholding information can be updated by selecting 'State Withholding' pushbutton.
When finished, select the 'Go Back' pushbutton from the Form Field list. The IRS W-4 pdf is available for viewing by selecting the 'IRS Form W-4' from the Links list.
View W-2 Forms
There are six columns on this page. There is a downside to having changed you're my Profile settings to accommodate use of JAWS. If you try printing your W2 form from the Employee Self Service system, it will not print correctly. You will get a message informing you how to get a printed copy of your W2 form. Press the Enter key to active the OK button on the message box. You may also choose to uncheck the two boxes mentioned in My Profile Page, print your form, and then check the boxes again. There form fields on the W2 page include 'View another W2', 'Print W2' and three check boxes that are not available. The View another W2 pushbuttons are being reworked so that the year reads correctly in Jaws.
Direct Deposit
The Direct Deposit has eight columns and several Forms fields including one to 'Add Account'. Read the page to determine the order in which your accounts are presented on the page.
To edit or delete a direct deposit, select 'Edit' or 'Delete' from the Form Field list. If you select Edit, the Form Field list contains all of the fields available for update.
The 'View Check Example' link does not read in Jaws. Once you have updated the information select 'Save' pushbutton from the Form Field list. You will get a confirmation page with an 'OK' pushbutton. Hit enter to return to the Direct Deposit page.
If you select 'Delete', you will have to choose either the 'Yes Confirm Button' or the 'Don't Delete Button.'
Savings Plan
The Savings Plan page has ten columns and two pushbuttons. The 'Edit Entry Pushbutton' will allow you to view the specific on a Savings plan.
Select the 'Cancel' to return to the main Savings plan page.
You can add another savings plan by selecting the 'Add Savings Plan' pushbutton. There are four enterable fields available in the Form Field list and two pushbuttons, 'Save' and 'Cancel'.
Charitable Deductions
The Charitable Deductions has seven columns and two pushbuttons. The Designations/Acknowledgments pushbutton will open up a new browser window to an external site. The 'Add Deduction' pushbutton will bring up a page that has five enterable fields, a 'Save' pushbutton and a 'Return to List' link.
Leave Donations
The leave Donation page has 12 columns and all enterable fields are available in the Form Field list.
To choose an eligible employee, select the 'Lookup Reserve bank' in the Links list.
When you have entered the information, select 'Save' pushbutton from the Form Field list.
Deferred Comp Conv/Mtch
The Deferred Comp Conv/Mtch Option page has 12 columns and all enterable fields are available in the Form Field list.

When you have entered the information, select 'Save' pushbutton from the Form Field list.
Business Expense
At this time the Business Expense pages are not accessible.
Employee Contacts
The Notify Human Resource page has seven columns and lists all of the Self Service Employee Contacts.
My Personal Information pages
Personal Summary
The Personal Information Summary page has four pushbuttons and two links. The pushbuttons allow you to change address, phone number, emergency contacts and email addresses. The links are 'Click Here For Contact list' and 'Return to My Personal Information'
Home and Mailing Address
The Home and Mailing Address page has six columns and two pushbuttons. One allows you to edit the address data and the other will return you to the My Personal Information page.
Phones Numbers
The Phone Number page has five columns, two pushbuttons and a 'Return to My Personal Information' link. There is a 'delete' pushbutton for each phone type and an 'Add' button to add another phone type.
Email Addresses
The Email Addresses page has four columns, four pushbuttons and a 'Return to My Personal Information' link. There is an 'Edit' and 'Delete' button for each emergency contact person and a 'Change Primary Contact' pushbutton as well as a 'Save' push button.
Emergency Contacts
The Emergency Contacts page has four columns, two pushbuttons and 'Return to My Personal Information' link. There is an 'Add' button to add another email address and a 'Save' pushbutton.
Notify Human Resources
The Notify Human Resource page has seven columns and lists all of the Self Service Employee Contacts.
Manager Tasks
There are three pages devoted to manager related responsibilities: Manager Time Entry Approval, Employee Leave Balances and Manager Business Expenses.
Manager Time Entry Approval
The approval page has a number of search criteria fields available in the Form Fields list but only the Department and Pay Period are required. Both of these are available as lookup from the Links List.
The Department lookup will have only the ones valid for your Emplid in the Links List. Select the one you want to approve time for.
The Pay Period lookup has all of the available pay periods however, the current pay period is defaulted for the Time Entry approval page since this is the most common pay period used.
You can enter additional search criteria or select 'Search Button' from the Forms Fields list. The search button will find all of the employees in the department you selected. The Links List has all of the employees or you can just press the 'Enter' key and get the first one in the list. You can review the data by reading the entire page or by going through the fields in the Form Fields list. When ready to approve the time, select 'Approved checkbox' .
Reminder: you can only approve time that has been marked completed by the employee. If you have selected an uncompleted time, you will get a message letting you know. Be sure to select the 'Save' button from the Form Fields list before moving on to the next employee. You can select 'Next in List', 'Previous in List' or 'return to Search' from the Form Fields list.
Employee Leave balances
The View leave Activity button reads 'Flag1 Button' and will be reworked to be more accessible. Each of the buttons in the Form Fields list represents one of the employees. For more information see the My Leave Activity page section of this document.
Manger Business Expenses
At this time the Business Expense pages are not accessible.
Logging off
To log off of the Sema4 Self-Service website, select signoff from the Links list.
Jaws Command List
Links list (Insert F7)
Form Field list (Insert F7)
Forms Mode (F Enter)
Find command (Ctrl F)
Virtual PC Cursor mode (num pad +)
Jaws cursor mode (num pad -)
Invisible Cursor mode (num pad - -)
Alt Tab allows you to toggle between open web pages
Title command (Insert T) will tell you which page you are on
Internet Explorer Toolbar (Insert F8)
Websites External to PeopleSoft
Pre-Tax Accounts
Benefits Enrollment
Deferred Comp
State Employee Express
Pdf Links
Pay Calculation
Problems with website?
All Instructions pages
Private Data Statement
W4 Instructions
W2 Instructions
Required Disclosures
Most pages under Payroll Forms
Dropdown lists: Dropdown values can be selected using the up and down arrows. If there are values to choose from on a particular field it will be indicated by the words Combo Box in the Form Field list.
Prompt tables: Fields that have lookup tables are indicated by the word Lookup in the Links list.
The labels and headings on the Sema4 pages may appear in the Links list because they are underlined text.
If either the Form Fields list or Links list doesn't read correctly, switch to Virtual PC Cursor and try again.
Reference to the JAWS software in this document is to note the product used to test screen reader usability with the SEMA4 self-service pages. Such use does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Minnesota Management & Budget Department of this software to the exclusion of others that may be suitable.
If you need this in an alternative format, contact your supervisor.

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