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Statewide Budget Systems

The statewide budget systems support the state’s primary budget processes: Budget Planning & Analysis System (BPAS), Capital Budget System (CBS), Legislative Fiscal Note Tracking System (FNTS) and Appropriation Maintenance Application (AMA). 

The executive, legislative and judicial branches of Minnesota state government use these systems to prepare operating budgets, capital budgets and fiscal notes. Local units of government also use CBS to submit their capital budget requests to the governor and legislature. 

The statewide budget systems are managed by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) with the exception of FNTS, which is managed by the Legislative Budget Office (LBO). The statewide budget systems are secure, independent, web-based systems accessed through the Statewide Administrative Portal. Access to BPAS and CBS require submission of the budget systems authorization form; access to AMA is linked to security for the state accounting system SWIFT; and FNTS requires submission of an authorization form to the LBO.

Budget Planning and Analysis System (BPAS)

BPAS collects and presents historical, current, and projected budget data. It produces the Governor’s proposed biennial budget, enacted budget, and proposed supplemental budget changes in the off-year.

Capital Budget System (CBS)

CBS collects and analyzes capital budget proposals from agencies and local units of government and produces the Governor's proposed capital budget.

Legislative Fiscal Note Tracking System (FNTS)

FNTS supports the production of fiscal notes during legislative sessions as required in Minnesota Statutes, Section 3.98.  FNTS is under operational control of the Legislative Budget Office, but supported and maintained by MMB.

Appropriation Maintenance Application (AMA)

AMA supports the collection and approval of appropriation budgets for upload to the state’s accounting system, SWIFT, and the budget system, BPAS.

Budget Systems Resources

Budget Systems newsletters provide updates and important news for each system.
Budget Systems authorization form for adding or updating user access for BPAS, CBS, and/or the Budget Division's SharePoint site.
Budget Division's SharePoint site for document management during budget processes.
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