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FY 2020-21 Governor's Budget Recommendations

The FY 2020-21 biennium will begin on July 1, 2019 and will end June 30, 2021. The Governor’s recommended budget is the first step in the process that will ultimately result in a biennial budget enacted by the 2019 Legislature and signed into law by the Governor.

Information on the current biennial budget, for the FY 2018-19 biennium, can be found on the Current Operating Budget web page

Below you will find detailed information on the FY 2020-21 budget, beginning with the current law “base” as defined in M.S. 16A.11, subd. 3(b) and then the Governor’s original budget recommendations, released February 19, 2019.  Revisions will be added as they are released. All the documents below are PDF version. To request a reasonable accommodation and/or alternative format of these documents, contact us at 651-201-8000 or email MMB's Accessibility Team

Revised Budget Recommendations

Published April 9, 2019

Supporting Documents


Revised Budget Recommendations

Published March 22, 2019

Supporting Documents


Original Budget Recommendations

Published February 19, 2019

Supporting Documents


Base Operating Budgets and Agency Background Materials

Below is a link to state agency base operating budgets and background materials. The agency budgets are based on the November 2018 Budget and Economic Forecast (released on December 5, 2018) and are the basis or starting point for the Governor’s biennial budget recommendations that will be released by February 19, 2019. Appropriation base is defined in M.S. 16A.11, subd. 3(b).

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