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MMB is building and maintaining public trust with open communication about how tax dollars are spent to support Minnesota families and businesses across the state. TransparencyMN helps Minnesotans see how public funds are used, including a closer look at:

  • State agency budgets, audits, and reports
  • State employee salaries
  • Local government and school district finances

How does TransparencyMN work? 

The interactive site allows you to select an item and explore spending information. This provides you a snapshot of the state’s operating budget and agencies’ daily expenditures directly from the state’s accounting system. 


Help MMB make TransparencyMN the resource you need: email comments and suggestions to This site may become unavailable Sundays between 7 a.m. and noon when the state does system maintenance. If you experience an issue during that time, please try again after noon.

COVID-19 CheckBook

Minnesota's COVID-19 checkbook provides the public direct access to budget and payment information  in the statewide accounting system (SWIFT)  as it relates to COVID-19 financial activity and includes both state and federal dollars.

MN Open CheckBook

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