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Capital Budget Instructions

Capital budget requests are submitted through the web-based Capital Budget System (CBS). Visit the CBS website for system access, user guides, and training videos.
The capital budget process begins in odd-numbered years with the collection of requests from state agencies and local units of government.  Final requests and the Governor's capital budget recommendations are submitted to the Legislature in January of the following even-numbered calendar year - alternating years with the biennial operating budget, which is presented to the Legislature in odd-numbered years.
The process of developing a comprehensive state capital budget involves the participation of numerous parties and stakeholders over several months. Minnesota Management and Budget issues instructions for capital budget requests in the spring of the year preceding its submission to the Legislature. Preliminary submissions of state agency capital budget requests are due in the early summer, with final submissions due in the fall.  Final submissions of local government capital budget requests are due in the early summer.

Due Dates for Project Information in CBS

  • June 16, 2023 - State Agency Preliminary Requests and Local Units of Government Final Requests
  • October 13, 2023 - State Agency Final Requests and Local Units of Government Final Edits
Capital Budget FAQ and Resources

2024 Capital Budget Instructions for State Agencies

2024 Capital Budget Instructions for Local Units of Government

 Special Instructions

Implementing Approved Capital Projects

Policies, instructions and procedures for implementing approved capital projects and grant agreements are issued jointly by the Debt Management Division, the Budget Division, and the Accounting Division - to ensure the requirements of all applicable statutes and general obligation (G.O.) bonding requirements are met. State agencies and local grantees can find applicable instructions here:
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