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About Us


The Internal Control and Accountability Unit coordinates the design, implementation, and maintenance of an effective system of internal controls so state agencies can meet their mission and objectives. We do this through a dash of fun, centralized resources, practical training, and strong relationships to minimize incidences of fraud, waste, and abuse.


The Internal Control and Accountability Unit recognizes how hard it is to be an agency leader. And we're here to help! As a statewide centralized resource we provide practical and relatable programs and resources to support the design, implementation, and maintenance of effective and proactive systems of internal control for state executive branch agencies. In other words, we give state internal control and audit professionals what they need to serve the people of Minnesota efficiently.

We promote the importance and use of short, updated, and easy to use policies and procedures. We lead the state using common sense policies and procedures and clear expectations for internal control responsibilities. Our goal? To safeguard public funds and assets and minimize incidences of fraud, waste, and abuse, because if there is one thing that ruins everyone's fun, it's fraud, waste, and abuse in state government.


While we embrace all the values of Minnesota Management and Budget, the values of leadership, integrity, and fun are the core of our work.

Leadership. We embrace our leadership role and approach challenges with energy and optimism. We communicate clearly, consistently, and proactively to inspire effective and excellent governing.

Integrity. We strive to be objective and unbiased and to uphold a standard of transparency, accountability, and reliability. We are honest and ethical and promote a workforce that is worthy of public trust.

Fun. We believe fun leads to productivity, less stress, and strong relationships. While our mission requires intense focus, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

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