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Account Assignments

Human Resources staff use this contact list when they need help with the HR components of SEMA4.

Agency Code Agency Name SEMA4 HR Services
B7P Accountancy Board Tia Chester
G02 Administration Diane Clemens
G9K Administrative Hearings Tia Chester
B7E AELSLAGIB - Architecture, Engineering Board Tia Chester
G9L African Heritage Council Diane Clemens
B04 Agriculture Kaeley Cazin
B9D Amateur Sports Commission (MnASC) Kaeley Cazin
B14 Animal Health Board Kaeley Cazin
E50 Arts Board Diane Clemens
G9N Asian-Pacific Council Diane Clemens
G06 Attorney General Diane Clemens
B15 Barber Examiners Board (Cosmetologist & Barbers Examiners Board) Diane Clemens
H7X Behavioral Health and Therapy Board Diane Clemens
H7K Board of Executives for Long Term Services and Supports (BELTSS) Diane Clemens
G9J Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board Diane Clemens
G9X Capitol Area Architect & Planning Board (CAAPB) Diane Clemens
H7H Chiropractic Examiners Boards Diane Clemens
B13 Commerce (& related boards) Tia Chester
P78 Corrections Kaeley Cazin
B11 Cosmetology Board (Cosmetologist & Barbers Examiners Board) Diane Clemens
J58 Court of Appeals Kaeley Cazin
H7F Dentistry Board Diane Clemens
H7U Dietetics & Nutrition Practice Diane Clemens
G9Y Disability, Council on Diane Clemens
E37 Education Kaeley Cazin
H7S Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Diane Clemens
B22 Employment & Economic Development (DEED) Diane Clemens
B20 Explore Minnesota (Tourism) Tia Chester
G09 Gambling Control Board Kaeley Cazin
G39 Governor's & Lt. Governor's Offices Tia Chester
J50 Guardian ad Litem Kaeley Cazin
H12 Health Diane Clemens
B34 Housing Finance Tia Chester
G17 Human Rights Diane Clemens
H55 Human Services Tia Chester
G19 Indian Affairs Council Diane Clemens
G38 Investment, Board of Tia Chester
B43 Iron Range Resources & Rehab (formerly IRRRB) Kaeley Cazin
J70 Judicial Standards Board Kaeley Cazin
B42 Labor & Industry Kaeley Cazin
G9M Latino Affairs Council Diane Clemens
L49 Legislative Audit Commission (OLA) Kaeley Cazin
L10 Legislative Coordinating Committee (LCC) Kaeley Cazin
G03 Lottery Tia Chester
H7M Marriage & Family Therapy Board Diane Clemens
G45 Mediation Services, Bureau of (BMS) Diane Clemens
H7B Medical Practices Board Diane Clemens
P01 Military Affairs Tia Chester
E9W Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority (HEFA) Kaeley Cazin
G46 Minnesota IT Services Diane Clemens
G10 Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) Kaeley Cazin
E60 Minnesota Office of Higher Education Tia Chester
E26 Minnesota State (formerly MNSCU) Kaeley Cazin
E44 Minnesota State Academies (Faribault Academies) Kaeley Cazin
G62 Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Tia Chester
E77 Minnesota Zoo Kaeley Cazin
H60 MNSure Tia Chester
R29 Natural Resources - General Tia Chester
H7C Nursing Board Diane Clemens
H7Y Occupational Therapy Practices Board Diane Clemens
H9G Ombudsman for Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Diane Clemens
G93 Ombudsperson for American Indian Families Diane Clemens
P08 Ombudsperson for Corrections Diane Clemens
G92 Ombudsperson for Families Diane Clemens
H8A Ombudsperson for Foster Youth Diane Clemens
H7J Optometry Board Diane Clemens
P7T Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) Board Kaeley Cazin
E25 Perpich Center for Arts Education Tia Chester
H7D Pharmacy Board Diane Clemens
H7W Physical Therapy Board Diane Clemens
H7Q Podiatric Medicine Board (Podiatry) Diane Clemens
R32 Pollution Control Agency (PCA) Diane Clemens
B7S Private Detective Board Kaeley Cazin
E39 Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board Diane Clemens
H7V Psychology Board Diane Clemens
J52 Public Defense Board Kaeley Cazin
G63 Public Employees Retirement Assn (PERA) Tia Chester
B24 Public Facilities Authority (under DEED) Tia Chester
P07 Public Safety Kaeley Cazin
B82 Public Utilities Commission Diane Clemens
G05 Racing Commission Diane Clemens
G9V Rare Disease Advisory Council Diane Clemens
G67 Revenue Diane Clemens
G53 Secretary of State Diane Clemens
L11 Senate Diane Clemens
P9E Sentencing Guidelines Commission Kaeley Cazin
H7L Social Work Board Diane Clemens
G61 State Auditor Diane Clemens
J65 Supreme Court Kaeley Cazin
J68 Tax Court Diane Clemens
G69 Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) Tia Chester
T79 Transportation Tia Chester
J33 Trial Court Kaeley Cazin
H75 Veterans Affairs & Homes Tia Chester
H7R Veterinary Medicine Board Diane Clemens
R9P Water and Soil Resources Board Tia Chester
B41 Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals Diane Clemens
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