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Budget Instructions

The Budget Division is responsible for producing a fiscally sound budget that covers a two-year period (biennium). Instructions are provided on the current and upcoming biennium - as well as primary financial information and requirements used in the budgeting process.

This webpage provides information for State of Minnesota employees who work on the budget as well as general information on related budget instructions for the public. This takes the form of guidance and instructions that enable state agencies and other branches of government to successfully complete the operating and capital budget preparation and implementation processes.

Budget policies and instructions are issued periodically through the two-year budget cycle, as needed, by MMB to provide guidance and operational specifics, or to supplement existing statewide policies and procedures.

Minnesota Management & Budget uses the enterprise SharePoint site as a utility service through MN.IT Services for the purposes of collecting and reviewing budget narratives, legislative advisory committed requests, legislative initiatives, and annual spending plan certifications and reports.
In June of even-numbered calendar years, the Budget Services Division begins working with state agencies to prepare the next biennium's proposed budgets, which are required to be submitted by October 15th. Budget development resources will include deadline notifications, agency-requested training, instructions, directives, manuals, and more.
Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the budget division, jointly with the accounting division, issues annual budget instructions that provide steps and guidance to state agencies for establishing the annual budgets in SWIFT for the coming years. Generally the instructions are issued in a series of documents beginning in April preceding the start of the fiscal year.
Capital budgets are usually developed in the odd-numbered calendar year for submission to the legislature by January 15 of the even-numbered calendar years. Instructions are updated and issued to state agencies and local government units, usually in April of the odd-numbered calendar year.
Fiscal notes are prepared by state agencies just prior to, and during, annual legislative sessions. Instruction are reviewed and updated annually, usually in December preceding the legislative session.
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