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Vendor Contacts

    Vendor Question Topics
    Who to Contact
    How to Contact
    Vendors with questions about electronic fund     transfers and vendor payments. (EFT/ACH)     payments. Help with accessing the Supplier Portal.
    MN Management & Budget
    vendor files/payments
    Vendor questions regarding 1099 or W9 issues only     MN Management & Budget
    vendor files/payments
    Vendors with questions about responding to a     specific event, solicitation,bid or proposal     opportunity. Vendors needing to register in the     supplier portal so they can bid on an event.     MN Dept. of Administration
    Office of State Procurement
    651-201-8100, option 1
    General vendor information on Supplier Portal        registration process - forms, payments.     MN Management & Budget
    vendor files/payments
    Vendor Resources
Vendor Contact Form

Vendor Contact Form

Section I.

If you have a question or issue concerning vendor payments, please only contact us once. Our response time is slowed when we must respond to duplicate issues. We log all contacts and will respond as soon as we are able. Please set your email to allow emails from MMB so that our response will not be blocked.

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