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SWIFT Vendor Resources

The State of Minnesota implemented a new accounting and procurement system in July, 2011. The system is called StateWide Integrated Financial Tools (SWIFT). Vendors can interact with the state through the Supplier Portal, which is part of SWIFT. The Supplier Portal allows vendors to login and view payment detail as well as maintain address and contact information related to their vendor record.

Every individual and organization doing business with the state is considered a vendor. In order to view invoices or payments through the Supplier Portal, vendors must be registered with the State of Minnesota. If you are a new or prospective vendor, please navigate to the Supplier Portal Vendor Registration link to register as a vendor. Existing vendors can request a User ID to login to the Supplier Portal by clicking the Create a New User ID link. When a vendor registration is approved or the new User ID is approved, a confirmation is sent to the email address entered during the registration/creation process.

Vendor Information at Department of Administration, Office of State Procurement

Supplier / Vendor Contacts

SWIFT Supplier/Vendor Question Topics

Who to Contact

How to Contact

Supplier Portal Registrations, User ID Requests, Password Resets, EFT Forms & Bank Change Requests, Supplier Portal Navigation, Supplier Updates (i.e., banking, addresses, contacts, etc.), and Payment Review.

Minnesota Management & Budget – EFT Helpline
Phone: 651-201-8106
Fax: 651-797-1305

Supplier Change Requests (SCR ID inquiries), Supplier Registration Approvals/Denial Questions, ‘To Be Archived’ Suppliers, Inactivation, & Re-Activation's, Registration Errors, Supplier Locations & Maintenance, Bidder to Supplier Conversions and Foreign Supplier Requests.

Minnesota Management & Budget – Vendor Team
 Fax: 651-797-1306

Warrant (Check) Payment Offsets (IRS/DOR) please contact the number provided in the payment remittance on the warrant.

Department of Revenue

Phone: 651-556-3003

Warrant (Check Reissues), Wires, and Warrant Special Handling, please work with paying agency.

Paying Agency

Requests for Municipal Audit reports (payment by vendor reports), stop payment(s), warrant special handling, and wire transfers. Updates to Agency Origin contact phone numbers - this number appears on warrants.

Minnesota Management & Budget – System Compliance

Virtual Payments

US BANK or Phone: 855-268-5386

1099 Questions/Requests

Minnesota Management & Budget – System Compliance
Phone: 651-201-8201

Suppliers with questions about Bids or Bidding, Solicitations, Events, Proposals, Category Codes, Bidder Registration, Awards and Supplier Contracts, Etc

State of MN Agency Contract list 

State of MN White Pages

Department of Administration -Office of State Procurement

Phone: 651-201-8100, option 1
Phone: 651.296.2600
Fax: 651-297-3996

Adoption Assistance Inquiries, Payment Status, Address Updates, Name Changes, or other changes to legal guardian information.

Please contact your AAP Caseworker                     
(Caseworkers are assigned by last name of Relative Custodian 1)

A,B, W-Z

Staci Stoner  



 Kristie Krumwiede

651- 431-4719


Tiffany Price



Becky Erickson



Rene Huebner



Mical Peterson


Department of Human Services – Adoption Assistance

Healthcare Providers

Note: The three-digit Location Code for your entity would be ‘001’ if you only have 1 address on file (most common). If you have multiple addresses, please verify with MMB – EFT Helpline before sending DHS their notification form, which will link your Supplier Profile in our SWIFT system to DHS’s subsystem for Provider payments: DHS-3725-ENG (EFT Vendor Number Notification) ( Also note: the term ‘Vendor’, ‘Supplier’, and ‘SWIFT ID’ all mean Supplier ID.

Department of Human Services – Provider Help desk

General vendor information on Supplier Portal registration process - forms, payments and Quick Reference Guides.

Minnesota Management & Budget - Supplier files/payments

Supplier Resources

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