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September 2022 - Minnesota Economic Trends

This edition of Minnesota Economic Trends includes articles that: examine Minnesotans’ job mobility before and after the pandemic recession; analyze demographic, economic, and educational trends, and disparities regarding Minnesota’s Black labor force; take a closer look at Minnesota’s extremely tight labor market; and forecast short-term job growth by industry and occupation.

Job mobility in the post-COVID labor market

This study examines job mobility patterns of Minnesota workers before and after the COVID-19 recession, with a focus on wage impacts. By adjusting wages for inflation, this study examines how job mobility interacts with inflation across different groups of workers and industries.

Black Minnesotans

An analysis of employment, educational and other economic trends and disparities related to the labor force.

Minnesota's Job Recovery Continues: An updated analysis of projected job growth

Minnesota's economy is projected to continue to grow over the next year, with our short-term jobs forecast surpassing pre-pandemic February 2020 employment levels by the second quarter of 2023.

Will a Record-Setting Hot Labor Market Bring Labor Force Participation Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels?

This report takes a closer look at the short-term pandemic and long-term demographic impacts on labor force participation.

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